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Fresher party pictures, finally

Well, my laptop is back up and running, the end-terms are over and I finally have some time available before I leave for home by a 3 day train journey.

So I will fulfill the promise I have made to many people here at IIMK and publish the snaps I took of the Freshers' party for our juniors at the Taj, that I had blogged about some time back.

For some wierd reason I am unable to put the album here so I am putting them into the sidebar on left. You might have to scroll down a bit to see them.

Note: The snaps shown are a random selection which keeps changing randomly. You can click on any of the snaps to access the entire photo set.

Sabko bol diyaa pics ke baare mein. Sabne bola thanx n have fun.

hey, cool pics...except tht i am sure i hve some more identity than being someones muse...watsay ;)


A junior : thanx. enjoy the pix but why the secrecy.

Ridhi : well.. i could have said MTV or something but then that wouldn't have hit the bullseye, would it?

Thanks for the compliments though, enjoy.

It's not secrecy. It's representation of the whole junior batch.

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