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Yes Sirr !!!

Was going through the ads that were shown by Mr R Balakrishnan, National Creative Director, Lowe, and came across this new campaign for Fastrack watches.

Now this ad brought back quite a few memories flooding back, some recent and some buried very deep somewhere.

To start with, the new trendy Fastrack logo was the one that I had shown a preference for among half a dozen odd new logos that Titan had sent to IMRB for conducting a market preference survey on. Since my summers were over before the results for the same could come in, I was pleasantly surprised that my choice was the eventual winner. A bit of gloating is in order.

The dug-out-from-the-memory- grave instance though, was a different one. For the uninitiated, the ad is about a class in a college where the teacher is taking attendance. On calling out the name of a guy who sports a Fastrack watch, the girls in the class start calling out "Yes" in various degrees of .err... bliss. Needless to say, the guy is suitably embarrased but manages to smile in the end.

Something similar happened to Deepu, my old pal. Readers of this blog might have read about him earlier here.

Well, there was this Thermal Physics class going on in the first year of our B.Sc. at Allahabad University and the Prof., an absent-minded Bong, called out his name. As was the habit of our gang, Deepu was not present.

Now Deepu, being the heart-throb of millions, to my immense chagrin, was a hot favorite of all the FOUR girls in the batch. And so it happened that three of these damsels shouted out "Yes Sirr !".

The poor Prof., dumbfounded, looked up and asked, "Deepak looks like a boy's name, is it not?"

The class was in splits, the girls suitably embarrased and Deepu was certainly not amused since it meant that he could never hope to bunk any of the dreaded early morning Thermal Physics classes ever after since the Prof always looked up and checked if he was present in the class during role call, effectively scuppering any chance of any proxy attendance.

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