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winded and how

Hi all,
Finally back in G-7, my room in IIMK after a 6.5 day trip to Bangalore right after the midterms. Had an enjoyable time there doing all kinds of things, visiting all kinds of places and meeting all kinds of people.

The bus back to Calicut re-affirmed my twin beliefs,the existence of God and the infallibility of South Indian drivers at high speeds.

The KSRTC 10 p.m. Bangalore to Calicut Rajahamsa bus has a driver that has a valid claim to Michael Schumacher's (or should I say Alonso, or Raikonnen these days) position as and when it falls vacant. The sheer speed, dare-devilry, absolute disregard for safety, of self and passengers, and the ability to see what none else can fathom is something that this gentleman has been blessed with since birth.

I can say this with utmost confidence since this was my second trip in the aforementioned bus with the aforementioned driver. My respect for him increases by each such trip. First time up, he was driving with a crepe bandage on his right arm effectively rendering his fingers incapable of any movement.

This time out, after crossing Mysore, we hit a cloud front that did not leave us until we reached the Kerala border where, miraculously, the rain ceased. But the driver never noticed it. Maybe the fact that he was sitting inside the bus and was therefore not getting wet at all had something to do with it. Anyway, the speed never slackened and the stunts didnt stop.

After crossing Sulthan Bathery in Kerala, the route passes through treacherous mountain passes as we cross the Western Ghats to reach the Kozhikode district after crossing Wayanad. Visibility in these parts was reduced to less than 20 feet due to the swirling mists but this again failed to bother or concern my favorite driver this side of the Rhine and I witnessed the gut-wrenching spectacles of taking absolute 179 degree turns on the mountainside with the valley gaping below my window at merry speeds in excess of anything I could have thought possible.

The sensation that a fighter pilot would have after a particularly gruelling strafing run with heavy enemy fire is not dissimilar to the state I was in as the bus coursed through the relatively plane Thamarassery region.

I think I need a drink. And before you run off dialling my mom's phone, I meant Tea.

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