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The L word

No, this is not a post on the rather spicy television series of the same name based on females of an alternate sexuality, but a rather more mundane set of random musings more in line with the general nature of this blog, and its purpose of recording my thoughts.

Having completed half of my PGDM (equivalent to MBA) here at IIMK, I can discern a distinct chasm between two categories of students, the ones who are here for the learning, and the ones who are here for the earning.

Just a single letter in the english alphabet, L, assumes rather significant proportions when it comes to the behaviour, expectations and reactions of the populace here.

A case in point is a gentleman in my batch, lets call him the Learner, a part of a very small minority here. Now this gentleman, having had a rich experience of working in an eclectic mix of job roles, is here with the express purpose of gaining as much wisdom, knowledge and insights into corporate life as he can during these two years.

Since he has been fairly, to put it mildly, successful in his career so far, he doesnt really bother himself too much with figuring out how to get a foreign job or how to get into the-dream-consulting-company-that-shall-not-be-named-since-it-is-secret.

His position is in stark contrast to the overwhelming majority of people, the Earners, who are totally focussed on taking all the requisite measures to ensure their best shot at either the-dream-consulting-company-that-shall-not-be-named-since-it-is-secret or the-next-best-thing.

The reason why I mention this here is that because of this difference in approaches, there are instances when the larger interests of the Earners, like finishing the class asap so that they can run back to their rooms to play BZFlag, the hottest new P2P game to hit IIMK, or to watch the latest pirated flick, or do something equally important, are harmed because the Learner gets into a discussion with the faculty regarding some intricate point of the topic at hand.

Now, the Learner wants to clear all his doubts and emerge from the class more knowledgeable and insightful on the topic than he was when he went in. On the other, the Earners just want the requisite 30 hours to get over as quickly as possible so that they can write the end-terms and claim yet another skull, err... expertise.. as part of their booty..umm skill set, strictly targetted towards assisting their claims for that elusive khazana.. the coveted sapnon ki naukri.

Scenario : the 2 hour class has 4 minutes to go. The Earners are restless and ready to bolt.

Faculty: Well, as we come to a close, are there any questions?

The Earners, heaving a collective sigh of relief, start hunching down, as they prepare to explode out of the classroom when the inevitable yet unthinkable happens.

The Learner: Yes Sir, I have a doubt and a different aspect that I wish to share with the gathering.

The Earners, open-mouthed, stare with an expression of incomprehension.

Faculty: Yes please, go ahead.

The Learner: Going back to what One Earner said sometime back....

One Earner, blissfully unaware that he is the new object of attention, is gainfully employed in discussing the intricacies of effectively playing BZFlag with his equally enthusiastic neighbour when, the realisation that the faculty has now turned to him and is nodding his head thoughtfully, hits him.

...and looking at the matter from the PM&IR perspective, we can get some new insights into how.....

The Earners, daggers drawn, can kill the Learner at the first opportunity but alas that is not to be, and the session drags for another 15-20 minutes, much to their dismay.

The Learner, oblivious to the commotion his innocous contribution has caused, looks around innocently once the faculty has left the lecture hall, puzzled and trots out, satisfied at a day's job well done.

These skirmishes repeat themselves scores of times over the period of a term but the funny thing is that despite being overwhelmingly strong, numerically atleast, the Earners are unable to come up with even one credible retort to the Learner and have to go through this experience time and again.

The Learner, in the meantime, learns and progresses.

It is pretty much the same in all fields.. or atleast money-making fields like Engineering, Medicine and Management. One or two sincere "learners" and a bunch of students who want to get their degree, make the most of it and move on with life...

Very well written.. :-)

Thanks Leon, for visiting and commenting and of course for the compliment :-)



I know it's too late to put in a comment. So, I'll just say that I'm putting up this blog in CM, obviously in ur name. :D

nice one yaar... visited your blog after long, but it was a nice home coming :-)

- Deepak

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