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Jai Hind

Wishing a very happy Independence day to all.

May the Indian cricket team do to the Poms what the Poms, the new world leaders in Cricket, did to Aussies, the till now world cricket champs.

May Narain Karthikeyan finish in the top 8 in a F1 race, when there are atleast 8 drivers in the race.

May the Indian Hockey team win something, somewhere.

May the BPO industry in India continue to flourish and set new benchmarks in excellence and performance.

Lastly, may the Indian Institutes of Management, especially the very patriotic one in Kozhikode, Kerala have a rekord-tod placement season this year.

And in the true spirit of Indian excellence, here is an article about the rising number of students from top-notch US B-Schools who are coming to India, for their summer internships, dropping cushy Wall Street offerings in their place. Goes a long way to prove something, methinks.

Jai Hind !!!

Hey.. Happy Independence day!!! :-)

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