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The IIMK Batch of 2007 Freshers' party - I

As per the tradition at almost every academic institution worth its salt, we, the seniors at IIMK gave a Freshers' party to our juniors, on the 17th of August at the Taj, Calicut.

As is the practise here at IIMK, the party was a bit late in happening. In fact it had been 55 days since the junior batch had been gracing the twin hills of Kunnamangalam with their presence before we could be budged off our perches.

Now, a freshers' party is not a simple thing, either to organise or to participate or to merely attend. Numerous pitfalls lie in wait at every step, ready to trip the unsuspecting and naive.

The Logistics Nightmare

In a city like Calicut, a party of this magnitude poses its own unique set of problems. First of all, there were not many places in this city which could accomodate both the batches of students of IIMK last year, when we had our freshers'. Now, with an increased intake of students in the incoming batch, The Taj, Calicut,host to all our Freshers' and Farewell functions in the past as well, was the only place which was able to accomodate all of us and even they had to stretch themselves to the limit.

The food stalls had to be set up outside the main party hall to ensure seating for the 300-odd junta and faculty members and the various drinks stalls alongwith the mandatory stage and DJ console.

This brings us to the drinks. The population here can be segmented into three distinct categories. The professed drinkers, the drinkers-on-the-sly and the teetotallers. Understandably, most people fall in the second category. The pitch is queered by the third species, the teetotallers. They need to be served fruit juices and with fruit juices also being an integral part of some other drinks, the total requirement of fruit juices is substantial.

This is where the ridiculous thing happens. In a city which is so rich that every second four-wheeler is a Scorpio or Bolero and every second shop is a jewellery store, there is no store or stockist that can supply 20 litres of fruit juice. Crying shame, if any.

So every time we have such a party of this scale, we see the now familiar and still stupid sight of three or four of my batchmates scurrying about town, scrounging for cartons of fruit juice from anywhere they can lay their hands on them.

The inter-batch gamesmanship

A freshers' party is the foremost forum for the seniors for establishing their supremacy on the juniors and for the juniors to bravely claim to be independent and superior to the seniors. This subtle undercurrent to the whole show manifests itself in the seniors booing or jeering every presentation made by the juniors, irrespective of its quality while the juniors will not let a single opportunity to take potshots at the seniors go abegging. In fact, they would even devise a presentation or two, strictly to lampoon the seniors. These could take the form of skits or speeches or occassional wisecracks by the MC(s). All these, and many more, were employed to full effect in our party.

There was an entire skit where the members of the cast just mimicked the members of my batch, to remarkable effect and were able to generate lots of mirth, all at our expense of course. So, Rohit's now legendary "The Party is Over, Guys !!!" statement was quoted liberally, a Placecomm member's dictums on punctuality were scoffed at, and the Mess Committee came in for a resounding barrage of heavy artillery in the form of a news bulletin.
Even the generally mundane Sports Comm were not spared the blushes. And of course, how could the IT Committee have gotten away with the mortal fear they have struck deep in the junies' hearts. They were mercilessly hauled over the coals as each of their policies and diktats were twisted and turned to eventually look ridiculous.

The dancing

Sur, Sura, Sundari

This trinity has distorted the perception of males the world over to devastating effect and IIMK is no exception. With DJ Fido belting out some groovy ditties and the lighting and smoke effects providing adequate cover of darkness for the Michael Jackson wannabes in both batches, the stage was set for a marathon session of letting the hair down and dancing to the hearts' contents.

Alas, if only life was that simple. When the situation reaches levels where the blood content in the alcohol stream starts reaching alarming levels and the intoxication is exacerbated by the suddenly so approachable and willing ladies, the mind plays some real hallucinatory tricks and pretty soon you have full scale war going on. What should, and could, have been a rumbunctious session of dancing turns quickly into an all-too-physical battle for dancing with the hot favorites of the night.

All norms are thrown to the wind and our knights in shining armor set forth on their imaginary steeds to the damsels of their dreams, protocol be damned. And inevitably, prudence is just one among a long list of casualties in the process.

What is fun, though, is to not drink at all, have a glass of fruit juice in hand and observe the antics of the high junta and have a quiet chuckle to yourself.

The Camera Conundrum

Any event like this will inevitably have a horde of people armed with digicams, eager to record the moment for posterity. And hence you see multiple instances of people collecting in places and getting group snaps clicked. Now, any such gathering will not be complete without the usual set of people who will keep jumping into such group shots right at the last moment and either fill the frame with their face or their posteriors or will make wierd gestures on top of other's heads.

As a photographer, I feel extremely irritated by this behaviour since it spoils the whole effort that has gone into the composing the frame which can be quite a delicate task in such a dynamic environment.

But, exasperating that this behaviour is, what really gets my goat is the other set of people who act all pricey and snooty and actually go to ridiculously great pains to stay away from random camera lenses. While I am all for privacy rights and all that jazz, what I fail to understand is their reluctance to be photographed even in group settings.

If they can come to public occassions such as this and participate in public events like performing on stage or dancing, then it is natural for others to capture the moment in their cameras if they feel appropriate. If someone has any genuine reason to avoid the camera, then it is my personal opinion that they must actually state this explicitly to the photographer clearly.

A brief recap of the events of the party and a few snaps might follow this post, once I get access to my digicam snaps, something which I do not have right now since my laptop has gone for repairs and this post is being written on Baba's machine.

Which fool doesn't like to get his/her snap clicked!!!!!!!!????????

i know who..........and so does ADI....well u finally vented it out on ur blog?????????? on guts kya?;)


ooooo.....!!! Now I know. I really must give u credit for ur guts Adi :D


koi mujhe bhi bataayega ki ye kiski baat ho rahi hai? :-O

Adi se puchon. ye uski baat hain!! :D


nadir : now you know, so good.
tub : it was a gut feeling ;-)
nadir : i dont think that's necessary
nitai : isharon ko agar samjho...
nadir : right

commenting on ur blog after a long time.. but cudnt resist ur double talks

"While I am all for privacy rights and all that jazz, "

"If someone has any genuine reason to avoid the camera, then it is my personal opinion that they must actually state this explicitly to the photographer clearly."

after ur blog on the farewell party, i had clearly requested you not to put my snaps on ur blog. but u didnt agree with that... WHY ??

dunno whether u really wanted to discuss it here... well..

i stated that if someone has any genuine reason to avoid the camera, they must actually state this explicitly to the photographer

In your case, you didnt say anything to the photographer and let yourself be snapped. I merely posted publicly available content.

u werent the photographer; in fact u had left the venue early enough.

having a digicam in your hand doesnt make u an 'official' photographer.

its the other way around. u need to ask other people (implicitly / expilicitly) for permission to put up snaps on ur blog; and if some one asks specifically not to do so for his personal reasons, you are NOT supposed to do it. (personal reasons can be genuine; and need not be explained to the photographer)

and what makes you feel (or gives u a right) posting publicly 'available' content ??

vaise, u r right. its no use of discussing it here. in fact, anywhere.. coz u will never listen; nor make an attempt to do so...

mere dost,
itni naraazgi ???

I don't think I ever claimed to be the official photographer. And how does the time of my departure even matter?

As I stated earlier as well, snaps taken at a public occasion with the knowledge of everyone involved that cameras are present and are being used, do not need to be cleared with anyone, including the targets themselves, before being published on what is merely yet another public platform.

Had the pictures been private, or taken in a confidential setting, with an assurance of discretion, then what you said applies in toto, not otherwise.

Maybe the fact that you do not know what exactly I am referring to is causing all this..

The two situations are totally different and cannot be compared.

And as far as my right to post anything is concerned, well.. I have stated it before,

My Blog, My Content. Simple.

the situations arent totally different. its a issue of rights of privacy...

if a person doesnt want to be photographed, thats his prerogative.. there is nothing which should get ur goat on this or exasperate you...

people do bring their cameras and take snaps. but that does NOT imply ALL the snaps are and can be made available in public domain. its as simple as that.

ur blog. ur content.. half the time i see other ppl links and stuff on ur blog. anyways, thats ur choice entirely.

"My Blog, My Content. Simple."

not at the cost of other people's privacy... at least MINE

are baap re...I am confused! is baar kaun tha, Mayank ya koi aur? (after last two comments, seems it was koi aur, lekin Mayank bhai ka bhi kehna theek hi hai, agar wo bura maan sakte hain to koi aur kyun nahi?)

lol. mere naam se koi aur kyon comment chodega ? (next time, i will use a digital signature as proof :D)

with every freedom (in the present case, writing blogs), there comes a responsibilty ... whether u acknowledge it or not, but the fact of life is that they are the two sides of the same coin.

everyone needs his / her space.. whats wrong with that ?

Mayank: they are different. in the 1st case, the content was existent and available.. I just used it, as I have done lots of times, as you noted.

In this case, the person was acting in a way that I believed was wierd and hence articulated that opinion on my forum for doing the same. I did not email it to you or to the batch or to the rest of the world. In case you forgot, the blog is merely a scratch pad of my thoughts that I feel like sharing or expressing,the exact sentiments described at the top in "not exactly Musings from Munnar...but it suits me fine, thank you.."

I am not denying anyone's prerogative, just wishing that they will be frank and forthright enough to express it,not whine about it later or try to hide from it.

And FYI,snaps taken in public can definitely be made available in the public domain, without any restrictions. You can refer to the laws if you want to clarify that point, but simple common sense is sufficient to support that contention.

By committing an act in public, you automatically cede all rights of articulation of the said act by other members of the publica, as long as what is being represented is true and based on facts.

My Blog, My content.. other people links and stuff remain my decisions and hence are My content.. I never claimed my Original content and the distinction is crucial here.

Privacy -

I quote three definitions here -
-the quality of being secluded from the presence or view of others
-the condition of being concealed or hidden
-The condition of being left alone, out of public view and in control of information that is known about you.

Secluded from presence or view of others?
Concealed or hidden?
Out of Public View?

Which privacy are you talking about?

respecting your apprehensions (the ones you did state, not the ones that you kept hidden) I DID make modifications to the post in question. If you had given me more reasons, I would have considered them as well, you being a good friend of mine.

Nitai: tum kaun hote ho beech mein bolne waale jab tumhe kuchh pata nahi hai? ;-)
It IS koi aur..
aur bura mano shauk se, par batao to
.. ham maafi mangegenge,
kaan pakdenge agar koi galti hui ho..
par ye sab chhupa-chhupi mat khelo.

hum hum hote hain aur kaun...haaiin

Mayank mere baap, I was refering to the person involved in the privacy issue, not the one posting the comment...uske baare me pooch raha tha ki is baar Mayank ki photo kheechi ya kisi aur ki.

And about the privacy and respecting others' rights even while exercising the freedom of expression, I agree with both of you to some extent.

While it is true that you can not write/exhibit anything about anyone just because that thing is available in a public domain or does not explicitly violate the so called privacy of a person, but at the same time, you have to respect the maturity and judgement of the person posting that information in public.

If a blogger feels that he/she is not treading the line, then probably there is some logic behind it and maybe that is the reason why people (including you and me) come to his/her blog.

So there, both the sides of the coin exist and haan, sapne to aaenge nahi logo ko ki kya bura lagta hai kya nahi lekin ye bhi hai ki kuch cheejein sapne me na aayein to bhi obvious hain...hee hee

well, u have deleted my earlier comment. no issues (was expected)

but the question still persists: Yes or No ?? (should i take your no response as Yes ??)

if its No, then do drop in a line to me when u do the needful. thnx

ye kaun se sawaal jawaab ki baat ho rahi hai, humein bhi bataao...bolo bolo tell tell :D

Mayank: I did not delete any comment. Your comment got eaten up by my anti-spam filter since it saw so many of your comments in a short span. I got an intimation to that effect in my inbox.

Thankfully that email also had your comment attached to it..

"what makes you feel you can publicize what is existent and available ?"

What makes You feel I cannot ?

Do I question what comments you make while spamming to the entire insti junta? Something that you force upon the rest of us.

"who r u to demand exact explanations ?"

Where did I demand an explanation? And who r u to ask me that ? I didnt ask you to explain anything. It was my rant. Do I have to get it approved from some authority before shouting it out?

Why in hell are you taking the side of someone who you dont even know?

Stop shooting from someone else's shoulders. Mauka mil gaya.. to ho gaye shuru

"taking up the issue with Scon and IT Comm"

Really ??? On what grounds?

Abuse of instt infrastructure for pushing my ideas of creativity down everyone's throats?

Using a tool that was meant for messaging?

"suitable action should be taken"

You dont even know what you are talking about, dude.

"Yes or NO"

Dont stoop so low, buddy. I still respect you as a friend and a great guy. And don't try to browbeat me into submission. This is despicable and I refuse to submit to these base means. Sorry.

Baba: Shut up.

my last comment on this issue... and on ur blog too.

i have referred to myself in this whole episode. i dont know why r u repeatedly referring to some other third person.

If you had given me more reasons, I would have considered them as well, you being a good friend of mine.

this makes me feel that u r demanding an explanation from me. as i said before, i cant keep explaining "personal issues" to every tom, dick and harry.

Stop shooting from someone else's shoulders.
kisi ke kandhe par bandook rakh kar goli chalana meri fitrat mein nahin.

pushing my ideas of creativity down everyone's throats?
yea, putting other people snaps in a blog is some creativity indeed... (moi also thinks shud develop such 'creativity')

the question was meant to see one thing. whether some thing (rather any thing) matters to you. apparently, come what may, you are NOT going to change your blog. Period.

the whole issue pertained to the privacy of others. when ur fundas are itself wrong and you are in no mood to see the other person's point of view... to bhains ke saamne been bajane se kya fayda.

before i sign off: *folded hands* request you not to take my snaps in any future public / private forums and to publish any thing with regards to me with out my knowledge.

my only request then to you was to remove a picture, the presence of which would not have embellished ur blog in any way, but whose absence would HAVE been appreciated by me.

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