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Do you want a fresher?

Sometimes the dull and drab classrooms thrown up such gems of oratorial excellence that your waning belief in God recieves a much needed shot in the arm.

In yet another edition of the endless batch meetings we are so fond of having to discuss every useless issue here at IIMK, members of our Student Council were trying their very best to regale us with their witticisms just to keep us happy while they slip by yet another student-unfriendly diktat unnoticed.

Sample this query posed to us, the senior batch, regarding the customary freshers' party,

"How many people are interested in freshers? "

Not satisfied with the rather enthusiastic response that it inevitably generated, with many members of the male species volubly shooting off their particular preferences in the junior batch, the same poseur shot off another one a couple of minutes later,

"How many of you want a fresher?"

Another specimen noted in class today, in response to asking for some examples of something,

"You said XYZ. Yes, XYZ is equally important but not as much important"

Ah, I will sorely miss all this in another 6 months.

seems like only a favoured few r going to get invited to the freshers' party. :D

dunno much about that, will i?

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