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ye hai mumbai meri jaan

Senthil, of the excellent blog Cogito, ergo doleo... waxes eloquent about his first tryst with Mumbai Locals.

The train arrived.

I remember once, when we were holidaying in Goa and body-surfing waves, I had just stood up, shaking water from my eyes and ears, trying to collect my breath, when the mother of all waves hit me amidships and knocked me end over end, sprawling onto the coarse sand. I remember a brief feeling of disorientation, and the next thing I knew, I was on the sand, listening to hyenas. Upon shaking more water from the ears, the hyenas took on the more recognizable notes of the chaps who called themselves my friends. Curiously, Bachha was one of them.

What happened on the platform next was quite similar to that experience. I had the feeling of being lifted by a monstrous wave, and was deposited with minimum dignity somewhere in the bogie's bowels, with other bodies piled on top. The train then gave several lurches - one would almost suspect it of laughing - and moved on.

Hilarious piece of writing. Read it here.

Hey, thanks for the compliment, man... pretty nice page you have here yourself!
Er... a slight point - Vignesh has a different blog - vigvg.blogspot.com , which is a far more excellent blog, and not to be confused with mine... thanks again! :)


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