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Why Airbus is getting all those orders

If you have been tracking the developments in the airline industry in recent times, you would know that most of the new private airlines in India have given huge orders to Airbus for their various models, especially A 380, the new superliner everyone is talking about.

Why did Boeing, Airbus' principal competitor, not have any similar product offering or get similar business volumes ?

Because their people were too busy reading blogs.

Boeing employee visiting my blog

Blogging becomes a new tool of competitive advantage. You can imagine the top management of an MNC, evaluating strategies to stifle the competition, asking every MBA in the organisation to maintain an interesting blog and making it mandatory for them to post regularly to keep the interest going. They can even allocate particular week days for blogging only.

Annual Performance Reviews might have a new evaluation criterion called Blogging. Its components could be -
- Whether employee has a blog.
- Whether the blog is read by x number of employees of principal competitor(s) regularly.
- Whether the blog causes sufficient distraction to the employees of principal competitor(s).
- Whether the blog has images of a sufficiently distracting nature.

And when that happens, they will all pay royalties to me!
Can someone pass on the contact number for the CFO of Airbus so that I can stake my claim for a share of the profit pie ?

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