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Where are we headed ?

Girls everywhere, please read this. And ponder.

It makes me a bit uncomfortable to be of the same species and the gender of the perpetrator and even more ashamed that he hails from a region of this country which boasts of having the oldest university from ancient times and is my the land of my forefathers.


And for a change, I solicit comments on this one. Please let me know your views regarding this.

all i can say is bravo! wish most women were like her. atleast then in my blog i wont be asking question about why ? how ? and why not?

Kudos to her for not being a doormat & protesting out aloud.

Time for us to break free from the set norms of this dastardly society that feels that women shud remain mute victims.

We've got to speak out,strike out,lash out...

She did right. It's a relief the cops & system worked in her favour. Wonder what would have happened if Sanjeev Kumar was the son of a ruling party politician...

hey, long time!
What Hemangini did was very coiurageous - most women go thru such incidents but just block it out of our minds and dont speak out.
Here is my take on this and other such incidents - please read it sometime.. http://indsight.org/blog/archives/2005/07/08/on-being-a-female-body/

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