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Vikaas Purush Shri Aditya Chaturvedi Ji

I am the harbinger of development and riches everywhere I go.

In case you find atleast one of your eyebrows attempting to meet your hairline, then please let me explain.

In 1981, I found myself enjoying the first year of my life in Nagpur, then a sleepy town in Maharashtra. There were no signs of anything changing from this drowsy state either. But within 3 months of my arrival, things started happening, Kamal Chowk was dug up and work on a flyover was started in dead ernest. The corollary of course being that the routine life in the somnabulous city was thrown out of gear. All for development.

It would all have ended happily if not for my departure from the city after 2 years. All work on the flyover ground to a halt. Totally.

I moved on to Varanasi where the local bodies immediately set about the tasks of tarring previously paved roads, widening roads and installing footpaths. And as anyone who has lived in or been to Benares would testify, this means that everything else goes haywire.

Cut to Calcutta. Work on the second leg of the underground Metro started enthusiastically about 4 months after I landed on 57, Bondel Street, Calcutta.

Moving on to Mathura, where the much awaited "Agra Delhi Highway 6 - laning Project" finally got the green signal. To celebrate this momentous occassion, Indian Railway decided to run a new train called "Shatabdi Express" from New Delhi to Gwalior. What this meant was that the entire stretch of track between the two cities had to relaid to be able to handle speeds they had never handled before. Minor detail for those not familiar with the topography of western UP - Mathura is the a city midway between New Delhi and Agra, en route to Gwalior.

Mathura, the historic city where Lord Krishna took birth under the benevolent gaze of his Mama, Kansa, was taken totally by surprise. Such action had not been witnessed in the region since the british shot Indian freedom fighters (they called them mutineers) at the Holi Gate (also in Mathura).

Next I entered Lucknow, the city of nawabs, co-incidentally the capital of the most populous state of the union we call India. And things happened.

Chinhat area urbanisation, Gomti Nagar development, Indira Nagar expansion, Kukrail vicinity plotting and development, Mahanagar flyover, Lalbagh flyover, construction of yet another bridge on Gomti, widening of the Kanpur Road,all of these dreams of Lucknowites since ages were realised almost simultaneously approximately at the same time I was beginning to settle in my role as the object of ridicule of two girls, Sona and Mona, twin sisters, both of which were the toppers of my class in St. Dominic Savio College, Bhootnath Market, Indira Nagar.

Next, my crusade of all-round development -politicians call it sarvangeen vikaas- moved into Allahabad where the bridge across Yamuna, being planned, proposed and promised since Independence, finally started showing signs of being actually built. At about the same time, an ambitious drive to widen and beautify the city's roads was initiated by the honourable mayor and his cronies. As if this was not enough, a whole series of Traffic Islands and roundabouts were planned and built all over the city to smoothen the flow of traffic.

Needless to say, traffic became chaotic, number of accidents hit the roof and there was mayhem on the roads. Psychiatrists made a killing treating symptoms of road rage. All because I came to live in the city.

And in case I forgot to tell you all before, the city's roads were the best in any non-metro I had seen till then even before the exercise was undertaken.

My short stint (43 days to be precise) at Manipal in Karnataka saw the first ever stoppage of more than 36 hours on Konkan Railway to install some fancy safety gizmo which seems to hav been pretty ineffectual when Konkan railway had its first major mishap when a long distance train - I forgot the name - derailed due to landslides, the very event for which the gizmo was installed.

Even Mumbai, the city that is totally, totally developed to the gills, was not spared. The lane next to the latest McDonalds in Borivali, the ancient SV Road, even the Western Express Highway, all got new coats of tar. And then there was the small matter of the Jogeshwari Vikhroli Link Road suddenly breaking free of the shackles of politics and red tapism and work on it starting on a war footing.

If you thought my job at Wipro Spectramind would save me from this due to my night shifts, you are horribly wrong. The work went on 24x7, under floodlights !

Anyone who knows where Jogeshwari and Vikhroli are, would realise what it meant to me, with residence in Borivali and office in Powai.

But why am I telling all this now?

Simple, because Bangalore has suddenly seen it fit to resume work on the dormant Bangalore Mysore Infrastructure Corridor which means, rather ironicaly, that the first four hours of the journey from Bangalore to Calicut are spent just bouncing about in random directions due to the rather uneven nature of the road surface, primarily attributable to the development work going on.

At this rate, I would have developed the whole country before I am dead. The only problem is, I will never get to live a peaceful life anywhere, free from pollution, noise and the din of development projects.

Maybe I should go to Bihar.

I probably will. Its my last chance.

Vikaas purush ji, aapke pravesh se IIMK me kaunsa vikaas huwaa hei, uskaa thoraa sa udhriti denge?

hey, how about a trip to delhi? There still a few incomplete flyovers...

TTG, aap samjhe nahi.

wherever I go development work starts, but keeps going. doesnt end.

So I dont need to come to delhi, wahan pehle se hi kaafi hain.

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