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The terrorists win if you fall off your bike

The president of the Big Brother falls from a bike. That is news. Here is the analysis.

"When you ride hard on a mountain bike sometimes you fall -- otherwise you are not riding hard,"
was the astute presidential reasoning behind the fall.
Scott McClellan, the White House spokesperson intoned "If we are not free to fall off our bicycles, the terrorists win."

The president, acutely aware of the absence of a teleprompter, further explained "Bicycling, like fighting a war against terror, is hard work. It is hard work, and freedom is on the march on a bike from which it will never fall."

The last time the president fell off his bike, the blame was jointly assigned to the rain, the slick earth, his biking shorts, ex-President William Jefferson Clinton and God.

Pretty funny blog, this.

Hey thanks for linking me and and the kind words.

You are welcome :-)

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