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tera blog badal gaya mere bhai

A major chunk of yesterday night was spent in conversation with Baba, about blogging in general and our respective blogs, in particular.

After both of us had put forth gazillions of opinions on the psychology of blogging and myriad other related, and un-related, issues, we got down to talking about our impressions and observations about each other's blogs.

It was insightful, to say the least, for me. Can't say I have spent any span of 3 hours better than this in my short life ;-)

It was in this discussion that the idea of writing a Term paper in the HR area on blogging and its ramifications was born. Quite a few ideas are in a nebulous state right now. Readers are requested to throw some more in the ring. We are game for absolutely anything that can be analysed on blogging with reference to psychology.

Also toying with a few ideas on collaborative blogging at IIMK.

Will keep you posted.

go thru all the blogs listed in Nitai's bloglist. They will provide u ample material. - nadir

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