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Salaam mumbai

Just back from the last mid-term exam, Six Sigma. Absolute disaster.

While on the way back to my room, I was caught by the most fierce squalls of this monsoon. Being located on top of a hill in Kerala means you have nothing but greenery all around you. So when something like this happens, it looks awesome because the entire green cover starts swaying and rocking and it causes this strange feeling in the gut. I haven't experienced anything like it despite having stayed in Allahabad for so long, bearing the brunt of the monsoon on the famed Ganga Yamuna Doaba.

What has kept my thoughts engaged and myself worried is the impact of the rains on Mumbai. Having lived there for two years, I have grown quite fond of the city. I have friends there and the reports coming in across all forms of media are quite frightening.

Public transport has ground to a halt, large swathes have no electricity, drains are overflowing in torrents, people are being swallowed by invisible manholes, telecommunications links are disrupted, people are stuck on the road for more than 12 hours in some places and chaos rules everywhere.

Even the navy has been called in to rescue people stuck in Kurla. Water level rose up to 10 feet in parts of Borivali near the National Park causing people to flee from their ground floor flats to the higher levels, abandoning their belongings.

As I said, absolute chaos.

And amidst all this, the spirit of Mumbai is rising to the challenge.

The volunteers and social service organisations are out on the streets in full force, providing relief and succour to the needy.People are stuck in offices, unable to leave for home, and instead of grumbling, are actually carrying on work as usual.

Members of the political fraternity, from Shiv Sena to the Congress have all jumped into the rescue operations and are co-operating with the BMC (Brihan-Mumbai Municipal Corporation, for the unaware) to restore normalcy.

The state government has declared Wednesday, today, a holiday and has called in state reserve forces from other districts to pitch in the relief efforts.

I hope and pray that life in Mumbai returns to normalcy soon.

Read an account of the spirit of Mumbai here and here and some tales from the ones affected here.

Salaam Bombay !!!

O bhaiyaa! Aapke dimaag me kya kya chaltaa rehtaa hai?! Ek hi din me teen teen blog, midterms/endterms ke beech me bhi blog .... kaafi free time hai aapke paas!! - nadir

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