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Pichchurr Hall - Silsiilay

I have a friend in Bollywood. He has links with the underworld, overworld, sideworld, Food World, Music World etc. In short he is connected to the world.

Sometimes he gives me insider information. No, not the type which I can use for quick wizardry on the bourses to rake in some hard cash. He tells me what happens behind the screen. He was the one who was the fly on the wall when this conversation between Shah-Yuck Khan and Karah Koffee Johar happened.

He saw Khalid Mohammed, the venerable ToI movie critic of yore, emerge from a multi-plex in Suburban Mumbai, okay it was Fame Adlabs in Andheri, after a show of Yuva, deep in thought. Later the same day, my friend saw Khalid in a mutual friends party, in conversation with none else but Karan Johar again. As has become his habit by now, he positioned himself discreetly within earshot. It was from this vantage point that he managed to glean information about the thoughts swirling in Khalid's head as he unloaded them on KJ.

The gist of the whole conversation is something like this. Khalid liked the concept of running three different stories in parallel to introduce the three lead pairs and then bringing them together at the bridge at the interval, used so effectively in Yuva.

He was excited about making a movie with a similar concept but wanted a diabolical twist for which he needed KJ and, by logical extension, King Khan's help. KJ liked the idea, to be revealed to you a bit later, and agreed to get King Khan aboard.

And so was Silsiilay born.

Bhumika Chawla is a movie star, just out of a relationship with Rahul Bose (yes, the mandatory Rugby shots are there, c'mon people, he is in the Indian Rugby team after all, give him a break) is still thinking of ways to punish as well as snag him again.

Riya Sen is a secretary-type employee in the same office in which Jimmy Shergill works, who of course is smitten with her. Ria loves Ashmit Patel who is a brazen womaniser. Love triangle complete. Ashmit takes Ria to a hotel. He tries to make out with her, she resists, he abuses her, she dumps him. Next day he pleads with her, she relents, back to square one. Jimmy is left with a lemon in his hands.

Tabu is Kay Kay Menon's second wife. KK has an affair with Celina Jaitley, an air hostess. His son from his first wife is smitten with Tabu. KK wants to divorce Tabu to marry Celina. Tabu is taken to Celina's pad by KK's son where a showdown leads to KK trying to divorce Tabu.

But before he can utter the final "Talaq", Tabu stops him and tells him that she is leaving him.

She leaves in a car to go to her parent's home. Bhumika, in the meanwhile has become pregnant with Rahul's child and is, at the same moment, going to the hospital for delivery.

Two fast cars. Accident. Bhumika falls out of the back seat. Tabu rushes to pick her up. Riya materialises out of nowhere. Together the two take Bhumika to the hospital where after a few shots of anxiety a baby is delivered.

Cut to a shot composed in three parts. All three ladies shown on the same screen, various expressions on their faces. Freeze frame. Soft fade out. King Khan proclaims "to ye the Silsiilay" and starts dancing.


This is the same movie during which Ashmit and Riya are purported to have shot the now famous MMS. And yes, once again, it IS them, no doubt about it.

My first question is, Did Khaled see Yuva till the end or left in the interval itself, too smitten with the concept to realise that half the movie is still about to come ?

My second question is, what the heck ?

So u also have taken to movie reviewing?! Hey Bhagwaannnn!!!

Unsubstantiated allegation..
these are not reviews..

mere salient peculiarities I noted..

if you have read my blog properly, you would find another similar rant on KAAL.

Enjoy !
and btw, whats wrong with movie reviewing???

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