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Locals of Mumbai

With the recent focus on intra-city rail systems, thanks to the terrorists, I had the opportunity to come across a few snaps of the much acclaimed New York Subway system and I was pleasantly surprised to note that there is not much of a difference between it and our very own Mumbai ki locals.

The same book store, overflowing with so many books, magazines and newspapers that you wonder how the poor fellow keeps track of them.

Kitaben bahut si padhi hongi tumne, magar koi bookstore ka tumne dekha hai

The same crowded carriages with people standing in the aisles.

Chalo, khade hone ki jagah to hai

The same mad rush on the platform when a train chugs in.

Aye chal hat, hawa aane de

The same urchins performing inside the trains, in hope of some monetary gains.

Shirdi waale, Sai Baba ! Aya hai tere, dar pe sawaali
The apparatus is relatively more high-tech and the moves much more groovy and acrobatic, I must admit though.

However, we can only wish that a Mumbai local station will have an entrance as scenic as this.

Subway Entrance

Images courtesy : http://www.travisruse.com , an excellent photo blog on the New York subway system.

Hey, r u a member of the Orkut community? They also put up excellent pics on their site. Check them out. Somehow, the pics that u hav put up are a lot similar to them thematically.
- nadir

I am not quite sure what you mean by that. I am active on Orkut, but surely you mean a particular community on Orkut?

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