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Is he a child ?

Date : Sunday, 3rd July
Location : KSRTC Bus Stand, Majestic circle, Bangalore
Time : 9.20 p.m.

Yours truly had to be back in IIMK campus for a midterm examination on Monday and was standing at the bus stand for the same purpose.

There was just one KSRTC (the Karnataka one) bus at 10.00 p.m. for Calicut and one KSRTC
(the Kerala one) bus at 10.30 p.m. which was fully reserved. What this meant that I had to get into the 10 o'clock bus at any cost.

I boarded the bus and requested the conductor to accomodate me anyhow.

Conductor: Will you get down at the Bus Stand or Kunnamangalam?

I was dumbfounded. How in hell did he know where I was going to alight ???

The Bus was almost totally full. There were only 2 seats empty, with one seat being in the first row which was reserved for ladies while the other empty seat was in the second last row which was obviously not quite my cup of tea.

The fare for Calicut was Rs. 271 only.

Conductor : Ticket ?
Myself : How much ?
Conductor : 300 !

This extra 29 rupees motivated the conductor to ask the lady in the empty seat in front to allow me to sit next to her though it was reserved for ladies. The lady's husband, who had come to see her off, refused to allow that. The bus finally moved off with me being asked to sit in the empty seat in the back with the conductor assuring me that he will do something to improve my situation.

Conductor : Madam, please let this boy sit on this seat.
Lady : It is a ladies' seat.
Conductor : No, no. It is reserved for old people, ladies and children.
Lady : Is he a child !
Conductor : He is a REC student, after all.

My jaw hits the floor.Lady turns around and has a long look at me. She mumbles something to the conductor. He beckons me forward. I dutifully pick up my bag and move ahead.

Conductor : You can sit here. Madam has agreed. Thank you madam.
Myself : Thank you madam.
Lady : REC Student ??

I realise the gravity of the situation here. If I deny being an REC student and try to explain the concept of an IIM to her, a rather unfruitful experience for me in many prior situations, then I was likely to be rebuffed again and be forced to sit on the second last row again. So prudence went into overdrive immediately.

Myself : Yes, yes.
Lady : Tamil ?
Myself : No, no. UP, Allahabad.
Lady : Sit, Sit.
Myself : Thank you.
Lady : Rank ?
Myself : Huh ?
Lady : Ay-eye triple E (AIEEE) Rank ?
Myself : 438 (smug, really smug)
Lady : Why Calicut ? It is very far.
Myself : My elder brother studies here. ( I have no elder brother that I know of)
Lady : Main ?
Myself : Huh ?
Lady : Main. Electronics ?
Myself : Yes, yes.
Lady : Good. Tuition?
Myself : What?
Lady : AIEEE tuition?
Myself : Brilliant Tutorials. Correspondence.
Lady : Ony correspondence ?
Myself : Yes. (super smug)
Lady(awed): My son is also appearing next year.
Myself : Oh. Best of luck.
Lady : Thank you. First year ?
Myself : Second Year.

Lady is happy now and settles down to sleep peacefully. I send up a silent prayer for REC Calicut and do likewise.

Hi, ur experience refreshed my memories too when i had such similar xperience....

did it also refresh your memory of your name?

if yes, kindly enlighten please.

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