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chennai yatra ki kahani

Vignesh takes a bus to Chennai. He narrates his experience of the trip.

The girl, her co-seated-girl, the dislocated guy, me and every one else get settled in for a bumpy night. That's when the Couple walk in. He and She are both hopelessly in love. They can't seem to let go of each other. I actually had to help the guy stow his bag away, coz he kept fumbling around with one hand for the bag, the other wrapped around Her substantial girth. They sit down, the bus starts, people start chewing paan, the usual. They hand out those god awful, itchy sheets. I stretch. I yawn. I sheet. I sleep.

I wake up to the cellphone of the dude next to me. He launches into a quick conversation, apologizes and goes back to sleep. And that's when I heard it. A low moan. A barely audible whisper. A giggle.

Being a family oriented blog, I cannot paste the juicy bits here. Read the entire piece here.

Raam Raam, kya zamana aa gaya hai !

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