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Blogging, the new communication medium

Arundhoti writes an excellent essay on Blogging and its implications for the corporate World.

Infact, this trend in the corporate domain is already on the rise. Robert Scoble, known in the blogosphere as Scobeleizer, is a phenomenon, because his example might mark the beginning of the end of corporate communications, as we know it. Mr. Scoble holds the official title of technical evangelist at Microsoft Corp and is an active blogger who uses a conversational style in his personal production while trying to humanize his company’s image.

And he has garnered quite a deal for his efforts. Bob Lutz, Vice Chairman of General Motors Co, writes his weblog in the voice of a well-positioned car-enthusiast than as a corporate person, when he promotes a new Cadillac or disputes negative reviews of a Chevrolet. Such weblogs provide a fresh channel of communication that allows information to flow back into the company in the form of reader comments.

Sun Microsystems makes a blogging server available to all its employees and boasts of about 1500 weblogs.”This is an effortless way to put things on the Web and it’s easy enough that people take it up on their own”, says Tim Bray, a Technology Director at Sun.

Read it all here.

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