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Aamchi Mumbai ki rail

Ram waxes eloquent about Mumbai locals after he realises their advantages over the Las Vegas monorail. I quote -


The escalators were a common factor to the Mumbai and the Las Vegas casino stations. The difference was the way in which they operated. In Mumbai, it was man-power that drove the escalators, where the mad rush of people pushes you up the stairs and here, it was mechanised and all you needed to do is to stand.

Platform Pleasures

Everytime I get to my platform in Ghatkopar, waiting for my train, I could be sure that I'll have some place to deposit my coins. Sometimes, it would be the weighing machine to check my weight and fate, the other times it would be on to the plates of the not so lucky people. Here, in Vegas, it was no different, if I walked a few steps, I can be guaranteed to find a slot machine to drop my coins on. This way, I can check the weight on my purse and my fate!


In Mumbai, I can always count on hearing a cool or annoying variety of male and female voices speaking live over the loudspeakers, informing us about train timings and platform. Here, you have to put up with the same automated voice saying the same things over and over again. The frustration is the same as having to hear the voice mail versus speaking to the person :-)

Hmmm.. nostalgia. Read the full post here.

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