Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Salaam mumbai

Just back from the last mid-term exam, Six Sigma. Absolute disaster.

While on the way back to my room, I was caught by the most fierce squalls of this monsoon. Being located on top of a hill in Kerala means you have nothing but greenery all around you. So when something like this happens, it looks awesome because the entire green cover starts swaying and rocking and it causes this strange feeling in the gut. I haven't experienced anything like it despite having stayed in Allahabad for so long, bearing the brunt of the monsoon on the famed Ganga Yamuna Doaba.

What has kept my thoughts engaged and myself worried is the impact of the rains on Mumbai. Having lived there for two years, I have grown quite fond of the city. I have friends there and the reports coming in across all forms of media are quite frightening.

Public transport has ground to a halt, large swathes have no electricity, drains are overflowing in torrents, people are being swallowed by invisible manholes, telecommunications links are disrupted, people are stuck on the road for more than 12 hours in some places and chaos rules everywhere.

Even the navy has been called in to rescue people stuck in Kurla. Water level rose up to 10 feet in parts of Borivali near the National Park causing people to flee from their ground floor flats to the higher levels, abandoning their belongings.

As I said, absolute chaos.

And amidst all this, the spirit of Mumbai is rising to the challenge.

The volunteers and social service organisations are out on the streets in full force, providing relief and succour to the needy.People are stuck in offices, unable to leave for home, and instead of grumbling, are actually carrying on work as usual.

Members of the political fraternity, from Shiv Sena to the Congress have all jumped into the rescue operations and are co-operating with the BMC (Brihan-Mumbai Municipal Corporation, for the unaware) to restore normalcy.

The state government has declared Wednesday, today, a holiday and has called in state reserve forces from other districts to pitch in the relief efforts.

I hope and pray that life in Mumbai returns to normalcy soon.

Read an account of the spirit of Mumbai here and here and some tales from the ones affected here.

Salaam Bombay !!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Blogging, the new communication medium

Arundhoti writes an excellent essay on Blogging and its implications for the corporate World.

Infact, this trend in the corporate domain is already on the rise. Robert Scoble, known in the blogosphere as Scobeleizer, is a phenomenon, because his example might mark the beginning of the end of corporate communications, as we know it. Mr. Scoble holds the official title of technical evangelist at Microsoft Corp and is an active blogger who uses a conversational style in his personal production while trying to humanize his company’s image.

And he has garnered quite a deal for his efforts. Bob Lutz, Vice Chairman of General Motors Co, writes his weblog in the voice of a well-positioned car-enthusiast than as a corporate person, when he promotes a new Cadillac or disputes negative reviews of a Chevrolet. Such weblogs provide a fresh channel of communication that allows information to flow back into the company in the form of reader comments.

Sun Microsystems makes a blogging server available to all its employees and boasts of about 1500 weblogs.”This is an effortless way to put things on the Web and it’s easy enough that people take it up on their own”, says Tim Bray, a Technology Director at Sun.

Read it all here.

Monday, July 25, 2005


Our mid-terms are going on.

I wrote my Strategic Management End-term today. Now I am preparing for the HRDS mid-term tomorrow while a couple of my batchmates have already left for Bangalore.

Confused? So am I.

Blogging is likely to be sporadic. But hasn't it been like that always?

The first Ashes Test

Well, England have lost. Yet again.

It was fun while it lasted though, especially the first day.

Read a hilarious dissection of the test and its ramifications here.

Also, another evocative and eventually poignant account of the first day's play as London grappled with the second set of subway blasts can be found here.

Locals of Mumbai

With the recent focus on intra-city rail systems, thanks to the terrorists, I had the opportunity to come across a few snaps of the much acclaimed New York Subway system and I was pleasantly surprised to note that there is not much of a difference between it and our very own Mumbai ki locals.

The same book store, overflowing with so many books, magazines and newspapers that you wonder how the poor fellow keeps track of them.

Kitaben bahut si padhi hongi tumne, magar koi bookstore ka tumne dekha hai

The same crowded carriages with people standing in the aisles.

Chalo, khade hone ki jagah to hai

The same mad rush on the platform when a train chugs in.

Aye chal hat, hawa aane de

The same urchins performing inside the trains, in hope of some monetary gains.

Shirdi waale, Sai Baba ! Aya hai tere, dar pe sawaali
The apparatus is relatively more high-tech and the moves much more groovy and acrobatic, I must admit though.

However, we can only wish that a Mumbai local station will have an entrance as scenic as this.

Subway Entrance

Images courtesy : , an excellent photo blog on the New York subway system.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Why Airbus is getting all those orders

If you have been tracking the developments in the airline industry in recent times, you would know that most of the new private airlines in India have given huge orders to Airbus for their various models, especially A 380, the new superliner everyone is talking about.

Why did Boeing, Airbus' principal competitor, not have any similar product offering or get similar business volumes ?

Because their people were too busy reading blogs.

Boeing employee visiting my blog

Blogging becomes a new tool of competitive advantage. You can imagine the top management of an MNC, evaluating strategies to stifle the competition, asking every MBA in the organisation to maintain an interesting blog and making it mandatory for them to post regularly to keep the interest going. They can even allocate particular week days for blogging only.

Annual Performance Reviews might have a new evaluation criterion called Blogging. Its components could be -
- Whether employee has a blog.
- Whether the blog is read by x number of employees of principal competitor(s) regularly.
- Whether the blog causes sufficient distraction to the employees of principal competitor(s).
- Whether the blog has images of a sufficiently distracting nature.

And when that happens, they will all pay royalties to me!
Can someone pass on the contact number for the CFO of Airbus so that I can stake my claim for a share of the profit pie ?

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Pichchurr Hall - Multiplex


Insipid Sanjay Dutt. Set-in-stone Suniel Shetty.

Hot Shilpa Shetty. Awesome Pankaj Kapoor.

Super style bhai Abhishek Bachchan.

Bas !

What is Isha Deol doing in this movie?


Godfather meets Bal Thakre - Subhash Nagre.
Kay kay Menon must get better and more important roles.
Father-son duo make magic.
Rukhsar is trash.
RGV is slipping.

What was Supriya Pathak doing in this movie?


A movie that closely resembles RGV's earlier mumbai mobster flick Company, D has too many points of similarity with Company to be a co-incidence.

Having come to expect a degree of competence from Ramu, the movie was rather average fare.

What I did note was that RGV has tried to resurrect TV and marginal movie actors of yore in this movie. Goga Kapoor as the Godfather like patriarch, with shades of Maqbool's Abbaji, played so adroitly by Pankaj Kapur, was especially notable.

So were the characters of Uncle and many others. What made RGV do this is something that I hope he will enlighten us sometime later in the future.

What is Rajpal Yadav doing in this movie?

Maine Pyaar Kyon Kiya

Horrible acting by both the lead actors, Salman & Katrina, mar this not-to-be-taken-seriously David Dhawan flick has a surprisingly good performance from Sohail Khan.

Arshan Warsi is his reliable old sidekick self and Sushmita Sen does her Main Hoon Na saree turn again, to great effect.

What made this thoroughly run-of-the-mill movie different was the climax which has been lifted scene-by-scene and word-by-word from the grand finale of the TV Series F.R.I.E.N.D.S. where Rachel is about to fly off to Paris and Ross and Phoebe are trying to reach the airport to stop her.

Yeah, I've seen Season 10.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

chennai yatra ki kahani

Vignesh takes a bus to Chennai. He narrates his experience of the trip.

The girl, her co-seated-girl, the dislocated guy, me and every one else get settled in for a bumpy night. That's when the Couple walk in. He and She are both hopelessly in love. They can't seem to let go of each other. I actually had to help the guy stow his bag away, coz he kept fumbling around with one hand for the bag, the other wrapped around Her substantial girth. They sit down, the bus starts, people start chewing paan, the usual. They hand out those god awful, itchy sheets. I stretch. I yawn. I sheet. I sleep.

I wake up to the cellphone of the dude next to me. He launches into a quick conversation, apologizes and goes back to sleep. And that's when I heard it. A low moan. A barely audible whisper. A giggle.

Being a family oriented blog, I cannot paste the juicy bits here. Read the entire piece here.

Raam Raam, kya zamana aa gaya hai !

Pichchurr Hall - Silsiilay

I have a friend in Bollywood. He has links with the underworld, overworld, sideworld, Food World, Music World etc. In short he is connected to the world.

Sometimes he gives me insider information. No, not the type which I can use for quick wizardry on the bourses to rake in some hard cash. He tells me what happens behind the screen. He was the one who was the fly on the wall when this conversation between Shah-Yuck Khan and Karah Koffee Johar happened.

He saw Khalid Mohammed, the venerable ToI movie critic of yore, emerge from a multi-plex in Suburban Mumbai, okay it was Fame Adlabs in Andheri, after a show of Yuva, deep in thought. Later the same day, my friend saw Khalid in a mutual friends party, in conversation with none else but Karan Johar again. As has become his habit by now, he positioned himself discreetly within earshot. It was from this vantage point that he managed to glean information about the thoughts swirling in Khalid's head as he unloaded them on KJ.

The gist of the whole conversation is something like this. Khalid liked the concept of running three different stories in parallel to introduce the three lead pairs and then bringing them together at the bridge at the interval, used so effectively in Yuva.

He was excited about making a movie with a similar concept but wanted a diabolical twist for which he needed KJ and, by logical extension, King Khan's help. KJ liked the idea, to be revealed to you a bit later, and agreed to get King Khan aboard.

And so was Silsiilay born.

Bhumika Chawla is a movie star, just out of a relationship with Rahul Bose (yes, the mandatory Rugby shots are there, c'mon people, he is in the Indian Rugby team after all, give him a break) is still thinking of ways to punish as well as snag him again.

Riya Sen is a secretary-type employee in the same office in which Jimmy Shergill works, who of course is smitten with her. Ria loves Ashmit Patel who is a brazen womaniser. Love triangle complete. Ashmit takes Ria to a hotel. He tries to make out with her, she resists, he abuses her, she dumps him. Next day he pleads with her, she relents, back to square one. Jimmy is left with a lemon in his hands.

Tabu is Kay Kay Menon's second wife. KK has an affair with Celina Jaitley, an air hostess. His son from his first wife is smitten with Tabu. KK wants to divorce Tabu to marry Celina. Tabu is taken to Celina's pad by KK's son where a showdown leads to KK trying to divorce Tabu.

But before he can utter the final "Talaq", Tabu stops him and tells him that she is leaving him.

She leaves in a car to go to her parent's home. Bhumika, in the meanwhile has become pregnant with Rahul's child and is, at the same moment, going to the hospital for delivery.

Two fast cars. Accident. Bhumika falls out of the back seat. Tabu rushes to pick her up. Riya materialises out of nowhere. Together the two take Bhumika to the hospital where after a few shots of anxiety a baby is delivered.

Cut to a shot composed in three parts. All three ladies shown on the same screen, various expressions on their faces. Freeze frame. Soft fade out. King Khan proclaims "to ye the Silsiilay" and starts dancing.


This is the same movie during which Ashmit and Riya are purported to have shot the now famous MMS. And yes, once again, it IS them, no doubt about it.

My first question is, Did Khaled see Yuva till the end or left in the interval itself, too smitten with the concept to realise that half the movie is still about to come ?

My second question is, what the heck ?

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Pichchurr Hall - Timepass

In the past 2 weeks I have watched about 10 different movies. I am posting my observations about the same on this blog in a series of posts titled Pichchurr Hall. Please note that these views are entirely my own and do not represent the views of my institute, my country, blogspot, the movie producers or Mallika Sherawat in any way.

Time Pass

Seriously, atleast someone should have put Mallika Sherawat in this movie. She fits the lead female role to the T and has lately been doing pretty similar activities anyway (refer to the MMS floating around.

A small time "chhota mota" guy loves a "babe" girl. In a bid to woo her, he takes dance lessons from the girl herself. He is a Hindu while the girl is a Christian and stays with her sister and Mother in a predominantly Muslim locality.

Riots break out, girl is out of the house with the guy. All kinds of stereotypical riots scenes later (Muslims threatening to kill the Christians but letting them go after they have successfully recited the Bible !?!, Twinkle Twinkle & Johny Johny Yes Papa, Muslims giving chase after random Hindu guy and killing him, police running around the area in jeeps with sirens blaring etc) the girl and guy reach the guy's home safely where they proceed to do "it" in a Maruti Van.

The next day the guy drops the girl at her home. She asks him whether he will come back for the dance classes in the evening. He tells her that he will not. On being asked the reason, he says its not needed any more and runs away leaping in the air.


- There are just two titillators in the movie. Nothing worth talking about.
- Yes, the girl in the MMS IS Mallika. No doubt.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Fifth Avenue beckons

My Blog sure is going places. The latest is this revelation that people in the Chase Manhattan Bank, New York peeped in recently to have a look.

Chase Manhattan Bank

The terrorists win if you fall off your bike

The president of the Big Brother falls from a bike. That is news. Here is the analysis.

"When you ride hard on a mountain bike sometimes you fall -- otherwise you are not riding hard,"
was the astute presidential reasoning behind the fall.
Scott McClellan, the White House spokesperson intoned "If we are not free to fall off our bicycles, the terrorists win."

The president, acutely aware of the absence of a teleprompter, further explained "Bicycling, like fighting a war against terror, is hard work. It is hard work, and freedom is on the march on a bike from which it will never fall."

The last time the president fell off his bike, the blame was jointly assigned to the rain, the slick earth, his biking shorts, ex-President William Jefferson Clinton and God.

Pretty funny blog, this.

Obese of the world, manna from heaven...

... brought to you by the only related-to-academics blog I like, Chocolate & Gold Coins

Michael says that the reason so many people are obese in the developed world is not any genetic pre-disposition but availability of pre-prepared food. The emphasis on the pre- is what is important and he has stated a hypothesis on why this particular category of food causes havoc with the body weight.

The fundamental cause of obesity is the cheap availability of pre-prepared food. This includes snacks in vending machines, coffee and pastry at the coffee houses, fast food restaurants, and store baked cookies and other snacks. We are tempted at every corner to overindulge, and many of us do that.

Let me give a simple example of how ease of eating leads to overindulgence. Try the following experiment at your office: leave out a bowl of almonds with a sign saying, “Eat me” by the coffee machine. In first case, the almonds are unshelled and you leave a nutcracker. In the second case, the almonds are shelled.

What do you observe? I can tell you: the shelled almond will be consumed in minutes, but the unshelled almonds will be largely ignored.

Weight watchers, read it all here.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Aamchi Mumbai ki rail

Ram waxes eloquent about Mumbai locals after he realises their advantages over the Las Vegas monorail. I quote -


The escalators were a common factor to the Mumbai and the Las Vegas casino stations. The difference was the way in which they operated. In Mumbai, it was man-power that drove the escalators, where the mad rush of people pushes you up the stairs and here, it was mechanised and all you needed to do is to stand.

Platform Pleasures

Everytime I get to my platform in Ghatkopar, waiting for my train, I could be sure that I'll have some place to deposit my coins. Sometimes, it would be the weighing machine to check my weight and fate, the other times it would be on to the plates of the not so lucky people. Here, in Vegas, it was no different, if I walked a few steps, I can be guaranteed to find a slot machine to drop my coins on. This way, I can check the weight on my purse and my fate!


In Mumbai, I can always count on hearing a cool or annoying variety of male and female voices speaking live over the loudspeakers, informing us about train timings and platform. Here, you have to put up with the same automated voice saying the same things over and over again. The frustration is the same as having to hear the voice mail versus speaking to the person :-)

Hmmm.. nostalgia. Read the full post here.

Vikaas Purush Shri Aditya Chaturvedi Ji

I am the harbinger of development and riches everywhere I go.

In case you find atleast one of your eyebrows attempting to meet your hairline, then please let me explain.

In 1981, I found myself enjoying the first year of my life in Nagpur, then a sleepy town in Maharashtra. There were no signs of anything changing from this drowsy state either. But within 3 months of my arrival, things started happening, Kamal Chowk was dug up and work on a flyover was started in dead ernest. The corollary of course being that the routine life in the somnabulous city was thrown out of gear. All for development.

It would all have ended happily if not for my departure from the city after 2 years. All work on the flyover ground to a halt. Totally.

I moved on to Varanasi where the local bodies immediately set about the tasks of tarring previously paved roads, widening roads and installing footpaths. And as anyone who has lived in or been to Benares would testify, this means that everything else goes haywire.

Cut to Calcutta. Work on the second leg of the underground Metro started enthusiastically about 4 months after I landed on 57, Bondel Street, Calcutta.

Moving on to Mathura, where the much awaited "Agra Delhi Highway 6 - laning Project" finally got the green signal. To celebrate this momentous occassion, Indian Railway decided to run a new train called "Shatabdi Express" from New Delhi to Gwalior. What this meant was that the entire stretch of track between the two cities had to relaid to be able to handle speeds they had never handled before. Minor detail for those not familiar with the topography of western UP - Mathura is the a city midway between New Delhi and Agra, en route to Gwalior.

Mathura, the historic city where Lord Krishna took birth under the benevolent gaze of his Mama, Kansa, was taken totally by surprise. Such action had not been witnessed in the region since the british shot Indian freedom fighters (they called them mutineers) at the Holi Gate (also in Mathura).

Next I entered Lucknow, the city of nawabs, co-incidentally the capital of the most populous state of the union we call India. And things happened.

Chinhat area urbanisation, Gomti Nagar development, Indira Nagar expansion, Kukrail vicinity plotting and development, Mahanagar flyover, Lalbagh flyover, construction of yet another bridge on Gomti, widening of the Kanpur Road,all of these dreams of Lucknowites since ages were realised almost simultaneously approximately at the same time I was beginning to settle in my role as the object of ridicule of two girls, Sona and Mona, twin sisters, both of which were the toppers of my class in St. Dominic Savio College, Bhootnath Market, Indira Nagar.

Next, my crusade of all-round development -politicians call it sarvangeen vikaas- moved into Allahabad where the bridge across Yamuna, being planned, proposed and promised since Independence, finally started showing signs of being actually built. At about the same time, an ambitious drive to widen and beautify the city's roads was initiated by the honourable mayor and his cronies. As if this was not enough, a whole series of Traffic Islands and roundabouts were planned and built all over the city to smoothen the flow of traffic.

Needless to say, traffic became chaotic, number of accidents hit the roof and there was mayhem on the roads. Psychiatrists made a killing treating symptoms of road rage. All because I came to live in the city.

And in case I forgot to tell you all before, the city's roads were the best in any non-metro I had seen till then even before the exercise was undertaken.

My short stint (43 days to be precise) at Manipal in Karnataka saw the first ever stoppage of more than 36 hours on Konkan Railway to install some fancy safety gizmo which seems to hav been pretty ineffectual when Konkan railway had its first major mishap when a long distance train - I forgot the name - derailed due to landslides, the very event for which the gizmo was installed.

Even Mumbai, the city that is totally, totally developed to the gills, was not spared. The lane next to the latest McDonalds in Borivali, the ancient SV Road, even the Western Express Highway, all got new coats of tar. And then there was the small matter of the Jogeshwari Vikhroli Link Road suddenly breaking free of the shackles of politics and red tapism and work on it starting on a war footing.

If you thought my job at Wipro Spectramind would save me from this due to my night shifts, you are horribly wrong. The work went on 24x7, under floodlights !

Anyone who knows where Jogeshwari and Vikhroli are, would realise what it meant to me, with residence in Borivali and office in Powai.

But why am I telling all this now?

Simple, because Bangalore has suddenly seen it fit to resume work on the dormant Bangalore Mysore Infrastructure Corridor which means, rather ironicaly, that the first four hours of the journey from Bangalore to Calicut are spent just bouncing about in random directions due to the rather uneven nature of the road surface, primarily attributable to the development work going on.

At this rate, I would have developed the whole country before I am dead. The only problem is, I will never get to live a peaceful life anywhere, free from pollution, noise and the din of development projects.

Maybe I should go to Bihar.

I probably will. Its my last chance.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

tera blog badal gaya mere bhai

A major chunk of yesterday night was spent in conversation with Baba, about blogging in general and our respective blogs, in particular.

After both of us had put forth gazillions of opinions on the psychology of blogging and myriad other related, and un-related, issues, we got down to talking about our impressions and observations about each other's blogs.

It was insightful, to say the least, for me. Can't say I have spent any span of 3 hours better than this in my short life ;-)

It was in this discussion that the idea of writing a Term paper in the HR area on blogging and its ramifications was born. Quite a few ideas are in a nebulous state right now. Readers are requested to throw some more in the ring. We are game for absolutely anything that can be analysed on blogging with reference to psychology.

Also toying with a few ideas on collaborative blogging at IIMK.

Will keep you posted.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

KDO ke is prasaaran mein aapka swaagat hai

The digital Radio Channel of IIMK, KDO, started off with a bang last night.

With RJ Baba peppering the chartbusters with his own brand of humor (!?!) and the junta pitching in with their dedications, it was huge fun listening to a guy's dedication to a girl, when neither the guy nor girl have any clue as to what is happening.

Initially, the concept was that people would send in their requested song name and the person they want to dedicate the song to, to a common folder from where the RJ will play them. But guys being guys, people let their imaginations take flight and pretty soon we had a bevy of dedications that were a sure fire formula for stoking some sparks until they started flying.

And fly they did. Baba, sensing the rise in temperature in the nick of time, abdicated his throne and invited Pakow, to take over as guest RJ for some time. A shrewd move it was, since within 10 minutes, the junior girl brigade led by Brigadier Suma Kamath, descended on the KDO Studio and thrashed him to pulp.

Oh boy, what fun. Hope these episodes of madness continue :-)

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Where are we headed ?

Girls everywhere, please read this. And ponder.

It makes me a bit uncomfortable to be of the same species and the gender of the perpetrator and even more ashamed that he hails from a region of this country which boasts of having the oldest university from ancient times and is my the land of my forefathers.


And for a change, I solicit comments on this one. Please let me know your views regarding this.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Why you should not marry a career woman

Recieved this via email from a friend.

Hope this doesnt happen to you

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Is he a child ?

Date : Sunday, 3rd July
Location : KSRTC Bus Stand, Majestic circle, Bangalore
Time : 9.20 p.m.

Yours truly had to be back in IIMK campus for a midterm examination on Monday and was standing at the bus stand for the same purpose.

There was just one KSRTC (the Karnataka one) bus at 10.00 p.m. for Calicut and one KSRTC
(the Kerala one) bus at 10.30 p.m. which was fully reserved. What this meant that I had to get into the 10 o'clock bus at any cost.

I boarded the bus and requested the conductor to accomodate me anyhow.

Conductor: Will you get down at the Bus Stand or Kunnamangalam?

I was dumbfounded. How in hell did he know where I was going to alight ???

The Bus was almost totally full. There were only 2 seats empty, with one seat being in the first row which was reserved for ladies while the other empty seat was in the second last row which was obviously not quite my cup of tea.

The fare for Calicut was Rs. 271 only.

Conductor : Ticket ?
Myself : How much ?
Conductor : 300 !

This extra 29 rupees motivated the conductor to ask the lady in the empty seat in front to allow me to sit next to her though it was reserved for ladies. The lady's husband, who had come to see her off, refused to allow that. The bus finally moved off with me being asked to sit in the empty seat in the back with the conductor assuring me that he will do something to improve my situation.

Conductor : Madam, please let this boy sit on this seat.
Lady : It is a ladies' seat.
Conductor : No, no. It is reserved for old people, ladies and children.
Lady : Is he a child !
Conductor : He is a REC student, after all.

My jaw hits the floor.Lady turns around and has a long look at me. She mumbles something to the conductor. He beckons me forward. I dutifully pick up my bag and move ahead.

Conductor : You can sit here. Madam has agreed. Thank you madam.
Myself : Thank you madam.
Lady : REC Student ??

I realise the gravity of the situation here. If I deny being an REC student and try to explain the concept of an IIM to her, a rather unfruitful experience for me in many prior situations, then I was likely to be rebuffed again and be forced to sit on the second last row again. So prudence went into overdrive immediately.

Myself : Yes, yes.
Lady : Tamil ?
Myself : No, no. UP, Allahabad.
Lady : Sit, Sit.
Myself : Thank you.
Lady : Rank ?
Myself : Huh ?
Lady : Ay-eye triple E (AIEEE) Rank ?
Myself : 438 (smug, really smug)
Lady : Why Calicut ? It is very far.
Myself : My elder brother studies here. ( I have no elder brother that I know of)
Lady : Main ?
Myself : Huh ?
Lady : Main. Electronics ?
Myself : Yes, yes.
Lady : Good. Tuition?
Myself : What?
Lady : AIEEE tuition?
Myself : Brilliant Tutorials. Correspondence.
Lady : Ony correspondence ?
Myself : Yes. (super smug)
Lady(awed): My son is also appearing next year.
Myself : Oh. Best of luck.
Lady : Thank you. First year ?
Myself : Second Year.

Lady is happy now and settles down to sleep peacefully. I send up a silent prayer for REC Calicut and do likewise.

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