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What the hell is going on in this country ?

And I thought this happened only in third world countries with oppressive dictatorial regimes (e.g. USA)

The cops that came in were an insult to the name of police. They immediately said that be ready for a compromise and there will not be a case filed. They made the passengers sign a paper in Kannada. They also asked for money to be given to pacify the rioters. The conductor, realizing the gravity of the situation, fled with the day’s collection.

Not finding their money, the rioters started hitting the passengers mercilessly. The policemen negotiated a deal of Rs. 10,000 for the rioters as the “cost” of compromise. One pleading passenger, who seemed to be affluent, had his purse taken away by a policeman. Police robbed him of Rs. 5,000 and money was given to rioters. Other passengers were also made to shell out money for the police.

All passengers were threatened not to speak to press or to complain about the incident. None of the passengers were willing to come on record.

Shocking. Read the full story here.

ashamed. and scared.

Me too.

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