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so much dare... laid bare

Hell hath no fury greater
than an IIM woman scorned

Rashmi Bansal, the lady of the excellent blog, and excellent-er Magazine gets fed up of the 'dare to think beyond the IIMs? ' spiel being splashed over the pages of the country's leading tabloid on steroids, ToI by IIPM and decides to use her own magazine's might to dig deeper and find out the truth. Here are some excerpts.

“First time ever in the world, be taught by professors from Harvard, Columbia, Yale, Insead... only at IIPM.”

Just to make sure, we asked students from IIPM’s Mumbai campus who had passed out already, AND those who are currently taking the MBA program. NONE of them have attended lecturers by professors from foreign universities.
A brief visit to the webpage of the list on www.indiabschools.com (a website run by C fore, the research agency which put together the list for Outlook) will give you this information - “IIPM has been removed from ranking as we received serious complaints about the veracity of information given by them.”
We had earlier checked with officials at both McKinsey & Co. and McKinsey Knowledge Center (just to make sure), and at both places we were told the same thing - neither of them have hired students from IIPM campuses. In response to a mail sent to them regarding the matter, a senior official at McKinsey said, “We have neither hired anyone from IIPM, nor picked up anyone for summer training till date.”
We also spoke to Mr. Ajay Kumar, Management Development Manager, HLL. He informed us that HLL has never visited IIPM’s campuses for recruitment. We are told though that HLL Network, the direct selling arm of HLL, has hired students from IIPM. The jobs that these students are given are related to sales and direct marketing. The pay scales, perks and designations are considerably lower than those of the students hired by HLL.

Read the entire article here.

Now, that settles that ! Remind me never to speak in the slightest of negative senses about eiher JAM or IIMA on any issue.

Aaj Tak story on JAMMAG

IIPM Rankings - An article by a dubious small-time publication called JAMMAG on IIPM was sponsored by Amity, it turns out. Aaj tak ran a sting operation where it was revealed on camera that JAMMAG, accepted money in cash from Amity group of educational institutions to write a negative story on IIPM, Amity's cmopetitor for business education programs at the post graudate and undergradute level.

JAMMAG's article never had much credibility, since the accusation were blatant and false, supported by nothing more than unreealed 'sources' and press clippings of IIPM's own promotional material... But JAMMAG had also undertaken to prmote this article among other media outlets - when no mainstream publication picked up the story, they finally used internet blogs to try to popularise the story...

The Aaj tak story has JAMMAG employees on camera talking of the deal... and referring to another such deal for a engineering college which wanted to smear the respected IIT Mumbai .

That's the third time JAMMAG has been found out - they had earlier even been accused, but it wasn't proved, of accepting money to do negative stories.

The Aaj Tak piece proves it...

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