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padosiyon ke liye chitthi

Chanakya of vichaar.org writes a letter to the Pakistani people.

Anyway, in India, when we get a crappy Prime Minister (happens frequently!), we say “Who the @!#$ elected this moron?”. Friendly, neighbourly suggestion – maybe it’s time you guys started asking yourselves this question too. BTW, one of you cool dudes reading this should tell him that he doesn’t scare us with his see-how-crisp-my-uniform-is routine. Indians are more scared of Mogambo (r.i.p.) than the General in his new clothes.
With all due respect, your “journey to democracy” is running more late than the always-late Jammu-Tawi express, which has also started running on time these days!. You guys should get a move on, get a real President and join the democratic block party we’re having next Holi. Veggie Kababs on the house! Okay maybe just a few meaty halaal ones for you guys (veggie food is healthy you know – give the goats a break and all that).

Read it here.

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