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Charvak's Philosophy

Yada Jeevam, Sukham Jivet,
Rinam kritvam, ghritam pibet.

As long as you live, live happily.
Borrow money and drink Ghee.

- Charvak, ancient philosopher.

Remarkably, this philosophy matches mine in more ways than one. And if you dehumanise me, the exact opposite of something that Market Research people will ask survey respondents to do, namely state attributes of products and services if they were human beings, I would be the United States of America.

Just consider this. US outsources most of its manufacturing to China and third world countries. It outsources its services to India and other English-speaking countries. To pay for these services and goods, it borrows money (they are the largest borrowers among all nations, by a huge margin) from other countries.

Effectively, it takes OUR money to enjoy the fruits of OUR labour. Very neat.

Charvak would be proud. Of me and of the United States.

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hi this is neha....n i am studyin philosophy now...i was jus goin thru charvaka philosophy..n i came across tis.....it's nice n funny.

Charvak philosophy was only a limitation of his eyes & knowledge.He was not a god. Everyone can see the bad results of borrow money & Drink ghee in our life.

Ofcourse, your type of people are required to make the world perfect. I keep my finger crossed about the logic that America and you are "enjoying". Ask your inner self, if you doubt me ;)

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