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back to business

Life returns to normalcy in blogdom after a day of changing rooms thrice, for a variety of reasons, and intermittent internet connectivity due to UPS failure.

Came back just now from the first set of classes for this term, 2 hours of a primer on Six Sigma. What was a bit surprising was the presence in class of a Six Sigma black belt, not as an instructor but a student !

What is extremely pleasing and irritating at the same time is the fact that it has been raining almost continuously ever since I landed here yesterday morning. While it is a welcome relief from the heat and humidity of Bangalore (surprise !!!) it also means that I remain confined to the covered areas in the campus while I am desperate to go the town and get some important stuff done, like eating rajasthani food and drinking lime juice. Damn.

While in Bangalore I was tagged by Vulturo (aka Saket) and I will respond to that shortly too. In the works are a few posts about Bangalore.

Stay Tuned.

Great work on your blog - it was very enlightening. You've got a lot of useful info on there about six sigma so I've bookmarked your site so I don't lose it. I'm doing a lot of research on six sigma exposed and have just started a new blog - I'd really appreciate your comments

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