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sleeping with someone 7000 miles away

But under jet lag, you lose all sense of where or who you are. You get up and walk towards the bathroom and step into a chair. You reach towards the figure in the other bed and then realise that she's 7,000 miles away, at work. You get up for lunch and then remember that you've eaten lunch six times already. You feel like an exile, a fugitive of sorts, as you walk along the hotel corridor at 4am, while all good souls are in their beds, and then begin to yawn as everyone around you goes to work.

This is Pico Iyer, one of my favorite authors on travelling and the mystique accompanying it, writing about jet lag in his own immitable style. Here is more -

And when I return from California to Japan, I return by way of some strange Asian city - Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Hanoi - and, for my first few nights of discombobulation, prowl the dark. Were I to go to anywhere that resembled home, I'd be keeping everyone up by going out for lunch at 3am -and would, in turn, be thrown out by them as I turned in for a good night's sleep at 11 in the morning. So, embracing the traveller's first rule - everything is interesting if you look at it with the right eyes - I use the sleeplessness to try to see a world, a self, I would never see otherwise.

Some idea that. Will try it sometime. Read the entire piece here.

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