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serendipity and chopped email ids

Today was one of the most enjoyable days I had in a long time. It started off with a call from my school time buddy, crime partner, sounding board etc. etc. Deepu aka Naughty aka Deepak who landed here in Bangalore this monday in a series of serendipitious incidents over the last week to join IBM.

It was a fruitful and most satisfying end to his four months of hard work that he put in during his training at IBM during the course of which he managed to salvage a comatose project and got it up and running. His Team Lead was so impressed by his performance that he recommended him to some higher-ups in IBM and after a whirlwind of negotiations and discussions between Deepu, IBM and Deepu's only ;-) bargain counter Xansa (who had also offered him a job) he was finally made the offer on Saturday in Gurgaon and was asked to join the IBM Bangalore office on Monday morning. He also managed to appear for and clear his SJCP certification last week.

And as if all this run of luck was not enough, he got to work in the same IBM office in Bangalore (among about sixteen thousand others) where his elder sister works too. Talk about co-incidence !

So tonnes of congratulations to Mr. Deepak Nautiyal, B.Sc., SJCP.

The only downside to all this is that IBM's deployement of Lotus Notes does not allow IDs longer than eight characters which means his IBM email id gets curtailed to dnautiya@in.ibm.com which is bound to cause all sorts of trouble for ever, since the crucial 'l' is missing at the end.
Well, you can't have it all, can ya ?

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