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sankchhipt sandesh seva

Deccan Herald reports yesterday,

Deepak Sahrma of Ludhiana now figures in the Guinness Book. He SMSed 1,82,689 text messages in one month. Airtel have sent him a 1,411 page bill !
*emphasis added

182689/30 ~ 6090 SMS/day ~ 253 SMS/Hr ~ 4.22 SMS/Minute
assuming he messages round the clock.
What in hell was he sending ?

And couldnt he have chosen some unlimited SMS plan, most likely from Reliance, before embarking on this textathon ?

Why,oh why, did he have to waste 1,411 sheets of premium quality BILT grade paper ?

Couldn't Airtel have sent him the bill via a series of SMS's too, consider this fellow's penchant for them ?

Imagine getting about 10.000 SMS's from your service provider detailing every SMS you've sent and other details. That would teach him a lesson for sure !

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