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Ravi Girdhar & Al Pacino

No, no. This post is not about Ravi Girdhar's acting or Al Pacino's prescient abilities. To know about what this post IS about, you will have to read on.

Well, a few words about Ravi first. He is one of the few twats, alongwith Baba, who has been reading my blog even before I started writing it* and was the first one to comment on my blog.
*exaggeration is very much acceptable in my book on how to blog

So, honoured by his contribution to my blog and his ability to guess the answer to the toughest query I could pose to him, I hereby dedicate this post to him. Cheers Ravi.

Having reached my IIMB hostel room much earlier than usual, I decided to do something productive like do some serious reading related to my summer project or work on my presentation or some such thing. After giving an appropriate amount of time to mull over all the possibilities, I chose to watch a movie. And then, one more.

Started off with Jim Carrey's The Truman Show. Brilliant Concept, professional execution and Jim's endearing performance ensure full paisa-vasool. Thats not saying much, coz I spent zilch on it, as I was watching it off the network. However that must not take away from the quality of the movie. What uplifted it from the routine Hollywood trash into the realm of the special was the extreme attention to details.

Small details. Seemingly minor details. Details like the way the camera on the trashcan wobbles with the old man's walk. Like the way, the phony Bus to Chicago has passengers who just rush out on cue when the fellow says that there is a problem and the bus can't go anywhere. As I said, full paisa vasool.

The next one on the menu was a movie which, I realised this half an hour into the movie, I had already seen ages back and had almost totally forgotten about except for the climax and a critical scene, what we Indians luuuuurv to call the turning point.

I am talking about Al Pacino's Scent of a Woman. Boy, and girl, what a movie ! Al Pacino rocks like he's never rocked before. While his performance as a blind ex-Lt.Col. is exemplary throughout the movie, his outburst in the climax is mindblowing. Despite a meaty performance by the young boy who I am too lazy to find out the name of, this movie belongs to Al. All the way. If you haven't seen it, run.

toughest query kya thi and what was the answer?
bolo bolo tell tell


aisi cheezen batai nahi jaati ;-)

there was no query as such,
Ravi met me on yahoo and complained that he doesnt see me on campus at all these days and asked kya chal raha hai ?

I told him abhi kuchh nahi chal raha, kal dupahar se chalega

Baaki aap khud samajhdaar ho ;-)

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