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My Blog goes National ! yippee

Today is a red letter day in the history of this blog.

For the first time ever, I have a visitor to this blog from an IIM other than K and what's more, the honorable visitor has been kind enough to even post a comment here.

The gentleman in question is from IIMC and is doing his summers at E&Y in Delhi and has already developed a warm relationship with our Kans Goyal. Here is a conversation between the two as proof -

IIMK Girl > Kanika
Me > The visitor

IIM K girl : "Hmm..I have to go see my doctor this evening "
Me (with heartfelt concern): " Oh ,your daughter doesnt stay with you?".
IIM K girl : "Hmmph....I said DOCTOR."
Me (with heartfelt guilt): "Oh..im sorry..i heard daughter."
IIM K girl : " n you thought its possible ..".
Me (with heartfelt curiousity): " So it is .Isnt it ?".
IIM K girl : "Loser....Were you born that way ?"
Me : " Nah ! I actually was almost normal fr the first three years of my life but then a flowerpot fell right on my head n I have been this way since then."

Oh life! It has its own ways of bringing some smiles all around.

Update: Its raining visitors to this blog. I have yet another comment from another visitor followed by a comment from the old pest, Nitai ;-)

bhai sahab , I really think that this miss.goyal is a somewhat aggressive lady n i have this funny feeling something not-so-funny may happen to me if she comes across this post.I demand protection.

thou art protected !

seriously, the dame in question doesnt know that anyone apart from her and her friends exists so there is no this blog can exist.

So you never wrote anything, I never reproduced it.

All is well.

The world is not as small as you think Aditya!!!!!


D-uh! I think you wanted to say that the world IS smaller than I think, but then...


vagabond, your life insurance policy stands abrogated with retrospective effect from the time Ms. K posted the previous comment.

oops..sadness...meant to say the world is not as big as you think it is!:-P

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