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Mere paas cheque hai !

And the good news doesnt stop around here. I just recieved a shiny crisp cheque of my first 4 weeks of incredibly hectic work at IMRB. I have already started dreaming about ways and means of spending it.

Hang on a sec. Thats an A/C Payee cheque drawn in my name, payable at Bangalore. I don't even have an account in Bangalore. Which means my bank will deduct money to clear it. Damn, why can't companies give uncrossed cheques or Demand Drafts ?

In fact, in today's ICE Age, why can't they do an online transfer into our accounts ?


mere paas HSBC ka naya-navela just opened salary account hai...muahahaa

BTW, I am the visitor # 888 to your blog...mera prize kahaan hai aur kab milega?

haan haan, HR waalon ke paas kaam hi kya hai.
A/C khulwao, card banwao and other such time pass.
time mile to ek PPO bhi lete hi aana.
In fact, why do this naatak.
Just stay there after the summers, jab wahin waapas jaana hai to aana kyon ;-)

reh gaya tumhara prize to I've merged it with the prize currently being offerred on your site for being the 37 thousand something visitor. Go collect it ;-)

sweet blog!

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