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Jo bole so nihaal

I must admit, the posters of the latest movie that is being touted as the one that will restore Sunny Deol to the top of the heroism heirarchy, Jo Bole So Nihaal, had me intrigued.

Not for the funny pathan policeman costume, neither for the severely constipated expression on his face. What I found interesting was the tagline - No If, No But, Sirf Jatt.

Catchy, sure but what in hell does it mean.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, once more, the truth has dawned on me, courtesy my trusty ol'e aid to deciphering the world's meaning, internet radio. Old faithfuls will remember the Laloo yadav masterpiece of some days back.

Anyway, so back to this Jatt mystery. Apparently, there is a song in that movie whose lyrics go like this -

main yaar punjabi jat-ta
fit kar dun tere nut-ta

ho tu yaar punjabi jat-ta
dont touch mainu peechhe hat-ta

maar na baby tu angrezi
main to jaanu sirf desi
na IF jaanu na BUT-ta

I am overwhelmed.

Here's one more supposedly famous dialogue from that 'bombshell' movie

Dooodh poocho tho kheer doonga
Pakistan poocho tho gheer doonga!

What the hell does that mean ???

and on similar (very similar) lines, here is a dialog I heard a year back -

Doodh mangoge to kheer* denge
kashmir mangoge to cheer denge

*kheer=a delicacy of rice and doodh

I am sure the culprit at that time too was either Sunny the gr8 himself or suniel shetty.

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