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Flights and mobiles

Due to some foreseen (a special someone travelling) and some unforeseen reasons (a friend's special someone travelling), the past couple of weeks have gone in my becoming a sort of expert on complete telecom and aviation solutions.

In other word, I seem to know more about the GSM/CDMA/WLL options available in Bangalore and their relative merits than your average Joe. Similarly my quantum of knowledge regarding flights to and from Bangalore, mostly from and to Mumbai and New Delhi has has increased explod-entially*.
*I added something to the next edition of the Oxford dictionary, yay.

So here is the extract of my extensive P.hd. grade research on both.

If you have a special someone residing in a state (to be precise, mobile circle) different from yours, then one of you has to go for the Reliance 'Next Gen i-phone' that retails for Rs.2266 (only on the ads, you will never get it for only that much, Rs.4000 is about what you will shell out) and the other one must take a Reliance CDMA mobile phone, the cheaper the better.

If this other one also has significant calling requirements beyond the special someone, then he/she must choose the Joy 399 rental plan of Reliance which offers a flat rate of Rs. 1/ min for both local and STD calls to mobiles (both GSM/CDMA). If a signicant chunk of this calling is likely to be to Landline nos., then the Joy 499 plan can be considered since it extends the Rs.1 rate to Landlines too (even STD).

Now at a combined rental of Rs.1099 (Rs.700 for the i-phone and Rs. 399 for the CDMA phone) both of you can converse with each other to your hearts content. Any calling outside the two of you will attract extra charges, of course. Cootchie-coo time.

Coming to my second thesis level research on aviation solutions, the best way to fly into Bangalore from Mumbai currently is the Kingfisher Airlines at an invitational price of Rs.2999 which includes flight + okay food + good dessert (black forest pastry) + juice + TV for every seat + a really cute bottle of water + complimentary Pen, Keychain, chocolate, Imli candy,some more candies and a Pouch for all this. And of course, how can one forget the awesome hostesses and the flight safety demo by Yana Gupta herself. Good bargain, I say. Go grab your tickets before its too late.

In case you are headed towards New Delhi or are coming to Bangalore from there, then here is an insider tip. Jet Airways has a flight leaving Bangalore at 2:35 p.m. everyday whose advance fare is only Rs. 2160 ! Don't miss it.

Contributions achnowledging gratitude for the immense amount of money you will save due to this professional consultation can be directed to indiagenie@gmail.com

u dint tell how does the pouch to keep everything in luks like??is it big and spacious enuf???and with all the COMPLIMENTARY stuff kingfisher is throwing in...i wonder wat'll b nxt..COMPLIMENTARY air hostesses :D :D :D


summers mein research??!!... yeh achchiiiiiiiiii baat nahi hai... so how many times did u fly to-and-fro to meet ur someone special?? and on the way, getting that "demo" (i wonder what the passengers wud be looking at??!!) from yana... good going dude, just hope hope neither KF nor the Ambanis get to see your blog, otherwise you will bag a couple of PPOs on your research credentials alone (again wonder, wont that be a first in the history of any B-School??)

chetta 4m raajdhaani

rohit: the pouch is a bright red drawstring thingie, quite similar to the sequined things girls carry along to keep mobiles in. Only difference - its made of some kinda plastic material. its dimensions are 3 inch by 5 inch approx.
Dunno if u intended to fly KF ONLY IF they gave a big enuff pouch ;-)

Prashant: See, Yai yum so bizzi these dayz with worg, that I cannod help bud do laat aaf risurch.
And-a, I wuzz too bizzi to fly anywhere, but special someones can fly too, cant they? (hint: first line of this post)
And the passengers would do well to look at the air hostesses, Yana be damned ;-)
many birds in hand are better than one on the screen.


yeah yeah, i did get the 1st line of ur post... wat i meant is, besides that one-off foray of ur special sum1, how many more cross-border insurgencies have taken place from blore 2 amchi mumbai... niway, it does seem, or maybe u deserve an Oscar for pretending so well, that WORK is actually keeping u soooo busyyyy... so, meeee lord, carry on with ur research...

i really dunno abt the pouch big or small, it holds nuthing or all or if it can hold me in a huddle or in a sprawl..but i certainly will fly KF only if they start giving complimentary air hostesses:)..ok make tht air hotesses:))


prashant: how dare you claim that yai yum naat bizzi? I shall see you in the municipal court of calicut north on this matter, I say !

Rohit : good attempt at rhyming, and ogling is always free ;-)
airline or no airline.

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