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Evil Bill & EPIC

The third member of my childhood friends duo, Shashank Shekharpati tripathi aka Mukul aka Mukki came to Bangalore yesterday morning from Hyderabad where he is doing his Summer training as part of the M.Sc. Geology course from IIT Kharagpur.

This meant that our trinity of Mukki, Deepak Nautiyal and yours truly was together after about 3 years. What it also meant was the next 2 days were going to be filled with lots of catching up, opinionated discussions, super-heated debates and lotsa gossip sharing about old flames and other sundry matters.

We spent the afternoon roaming around Brigade Road where Deepu joined us and then we proceeded to buy a pair of shoes for Deepu since his current ones had to be compulsarily retrenched due to inability to perform duties to satisfactory levels. We also bought tickets for the next day's noon show of Bunty and Babli, a movie which we were waiting for since a long time since it was the first time Big B and not-so Big B i.e. his son were appearing together in a movie. The evening was spent drifting around the Residency Road area while incessant rains threatened to make it difficult for us to reach the IIMB campus where I am staying.

A short break in the downpour enabled us to get to IIMB where we proceeded to Khana Khazana, a North Indian Dhaba-style eatery closeby, for dinner. A thoroughly filling eating later, we were back in my room in IIMB. The usual much-acclaimed IIMB Saturday Night L-square party was not happening so it was relatively quiet in the hostel.

The rest of the night was spent in discussing the ethics of Microsoft's practices in dealing with its competition with both my friends passionately espousing the cause of Open Source and other related causes while I waged a lone battle in defense of Bill's methods. Six hours of heated debate later, we were nowhere close to a conclusion but it was fun to debate heatedly on issues close to your heart and not worry about the repurcussions thereof.

We spent another couple of hours playing our favorite card game, Coat-piece.

While playing we were also surfing the net and came across this flash presentation on a possible future of computing and the net as we see it. It was thought-provoking, interesting and a bit scary. Here is the link to the page.

Going for the movie now, lets see how it turns out to be.

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