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The Day of the Phoenix and coconut powered chases

Hang on, wasn't the last post supposed to be about this wonderful day I had ?
Who the hell asked me to get carried way ?

But then, it was all for a good cause, so its fine. Deepu, you deserve it. Perseverence pays off in the end, though that idiocy 7 years back could have been avoided in the first place ;-)

Well, so to continue the story of 'The Day', Deepu woke me up and then we planned a rendezvous at IIMB, my residence for my summers, where he arrived by noon and then we chatted about hazaar useless, and hence closest to our hearts ;-), things and then decided to move out for some grub since we were getting a bit hungry.

While waiting for the bus, we decided to see some movie and since both of us are complete suckers for movies with exotic names like "Hazaaron Khwahishen Aisi" and even more exotic heroines like Chitrangada Singh, we suddenly got pretty excited about it and went in search of a newspaper to find the show timings at PVR which was the only place it was running in Bangalore for the past 3 weeks. Alas, a quick perusal of Deccan Herald informed us of the sudden and untimely demise of the movie from Bangalore.

Not to be put down, we decided to go to Rex, my favorite theater in Bangalore, due to sheer nostalgia if nothing else, and the fact that it is one of only two theaters in Bangalore in which I have ever seen a movie, the other being the now dead Sangam theater at Majestic. It will also displace Gautam theater in Allahabad from the top slot in the list of theaters in which I have watched movies most often. Today was my 7th trip to Rex and since I have quite a few weekends left here in Bangalore, I reckon it has a very chance of crossing Gautam's figure of 10 trips :-)

The movie of the day at Rex was Flight of the Phoenix, and I am sure Baba will review it pretty soon, but for now, suffice to say that I liked the movie, the special effects were awesome, the storyline hackneyed but still containing some innovative bits and did not stretch the credulity too far. Competent performances from the actors and crisp editing made for some compelling viewing and it was only at the very end that the necessity to end the movie in some way forced the director to lose the plot and come up with such a contrived ending that left Indian potboilers to shame.

Nothing bad about that though ;-) Everyone rise and shout "Hail Mithun-da"

Trivia Question : What do you do if you are Rajnikant, a police inspector waiting, in the shade (?) of a coconut tree, for the villains to pass through so that you can chase them down and you finally see them zip across you in a car ?

Answer: You take your service revolver from the holster, swing it in circles in Rajni's trademark style and then shoot skywards. The bullet will hit a coconut, it will fall straight down on the kick-start, and off you go in pursuit !

Can Hollywood even think of that ???

deepu ji ko "hazaron" badhaiaan :D

and jst wait for sum time we r on the anvil of sum real "exotic" movies like nazar..bach ke rahna re baba et al...with very very exotic( replace x with r) heroines:D


Lol.. good one.

and abt the ex(r)otic movies, well.. i m looking forward to them ;-)

hmmm... don't know 'bout other things... but serendipity yes... that has 2 b there.... :-) ....

as for D e-mail ID well... don't worry i can choose 1 that resolves 2 this 1.. that means i can take an id longer than 8 char.. this (hopefully) shud solve my prob :D

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