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the day NooYark became Allahabad

Cant believe someone can call New York, the eternal city of money, power and the trappings thereof, a romantic city. But then if it is Suketu Mehta who says so, who am I to argue ?

So just go ahead, sample this and if you are intrigued, read the full article here.

It was a steamy night; men walked around without their shirts; women came out in their shortest skirts. People trying to catch the trains to the suburbs realised they couldn’t make it, met other commuters, and made impromptu dinner plans with them; ate pizza by candlelight and slept together in the parks. A record number of babies are going to be born on May 14, 2004.

I know its old, but who cares. Sit back and enjoy as he paints an evocative picture of the day New York became Allahabad, darkened by a power cut,rarer than a solar eclipse.


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