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bada hi tej hai ye akhbaar

Ok, I wish I could call it funny. Only, I cannot since it involves the Times of India, the newspaper (can we call it that anymore ? )

spoof.com a website specialising in ,(d-uh) what else but spoofs, does one on Aishwarya Rai where it claims that Ash will appear on a special version of "Jerry Springer: Too Hot For TV" episode where the beautiful actress will fight with a 380 pound woman in a trailer over some guy with a mullet, no teeth, and a 7th grade education.

It also quotes Roger Lodge, described as the host of "Blind Date" America's No. 1 TV dating humiliation show – as having said, “We’ve booked Aishwarya Rai to appear on a show segment where she will date Lorenzo -- a former stripper who wants to be a stay-at-home dad. He’s tired of the superficial dating scene, but wants to form a love connection and score on the first date. We’ll have to see how far he gets with Aishwarya.”

So far, so good and a bit funny too.

Now TOI, goes ahead and rips this bit of "news" and goes to town touting it for fact.

They put the "news" up on their website but later pulled it. Unfortunately for them, google had managed to cache the page before that.

What a pity. If only TOI would restrict itself to making a mockery of the front page of a supposedly "serious" newspaper by putting wierd artwork on the entire page every now and then.

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