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Alagaava ke chhe ansh

anyone on the planet can be connected to any other person on the planet through a chain of acquaintances that has no more than five intermediaries

This theory, called Six Degrees of Separation, was first proposed in a short story by a Hungarian Author.

I came across this tidbit in Wikipedia.

In 1967, American sociologist Stanley Milgram (see Small world phenomenon) devised a new way to test the theory, which he called "the small-world problem". He randomly selected people in the American Midwest to send packages to a stranger located in Massachusetts, several thousand miles away. The senders knew the recipient's name, occupation, and general location. They were instructed to send the package to a person they knew on a first-name basis who they thought was most likely, out of all their friends, to know the target personally. That person would do the same, and so on, until the package was personally delivered to its target recipient.
Although the participants expected the chain to include at least a hundred intermediaries, it only took (on average) between five and seven intermediaries to get each package delivered. Milgram's findings were published in
Psychology Today and inspired the phrase six degrees of separation.

To know more about how close could you possibly be related to someone, Read on.

wow, thats an amazing theory!! a warm thought that u can connect to anyone on this planet thru a chain of 5 intermediaries!!!!! but unbelievable yaar..
ooops wait, someone in Antartica is calling me...

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