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Week 3 and the important learnings & findings

1. Despite my best efforts, the work at office sometimes gets so dull and boring that I find it tough to concentrate on the job at hand. Add the extremely crash prone and slow computers here with restricted net access and you have a sure fire recipe for low productivity.

2. Guru's Garden Bar & Restaurant in front of HSBC/Accenture. Despite DJ's best efforts to take us into the Bar area, we managed to get into the restaurant area and had a pretty decent vegetarian meal with a cold drink at Rs. 65 apiece. Not bad for a weekend dinner.

3. Do not accept people's invitations to join them for a movie. They will mysteriously drop out themselves, leaving you feeling uneasy and wary.

4. The mess in IIMB is as good as the one in IIMK. The 24 hour canteen is only slightly better, largely due to the good sandwiches and nice juices. The Maggi is pathetic and the shakes are.. errr shaky ;-)

5. Andhra food is pretty over rated, especially by the Andhra Movie stars.

6. Good Masala Dosas are as hard to find in Bangalore as they were in Calicut. And they have 347 times more oil/butter in them than the Calicut ones too. Now I dunno which I hate more :-(

7. The famous Kamat series of restaurants has vanished in thin air with phony namesakes erected in most places.

8. The first DOLBY DTS theatre ever, in which I saw a movie, Sangam theatre in front of Majestic, is no longer there :-(

9. The innumerable Chinese stalls that dotted the Bangalore cityscape offering one HUGE plate of Veg Noodles for Rs. 15/- only, especially my favorite one on MG Road close to the Cubbon Road junction, are all gone and have mostly been replaced by Rice and Egg stalls :-(

10. For vegetarians with a not quite developed taste for Sambars and Rasams, Bangalore has suddenly turned into quite an expensive proposition. When the very basic Grilled Sandwich starts touching Rs. 20, one starts wondering whether a gross salary of of Rs. 25 Lakhs p.a. will be sufficient to survive in the years to come.

12.Do not play high intensity cricket suddenly after a gap of more than 3 years without any warm up at all. It will cause untold miseries for the next 3-4 days.

13. Do not order more than 1 Vada at a time from any restaurant. It may not taste half as good as it looks and make you look silly trying to finish it.

14. Always, always, order fruit juices WITHOUT ice or half the glass will be filled with ice only.

15. Always ask the conductor whether the bus actually goes to the destination it should go to, though the same number bus went to that place yesterday.

16. Always take pre-paid auto from the railway station. They will reach faster and cannot fleece you. (Harry Topper better be reading this one)

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