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Summer training begins

After a 2 day long journey from Allahabad to Bangalore (via Mumbai, only partially due to there being no direct train between the two places) here I am in room C 105, IIM Bangalore, all set to start my summer training at IMRB International from tomorrow morning.

One of the few upshots of this trip to Allahabad in this heat is the fact that I bid and won a digicam from Baazee.com, and a cool Sony Cybershot at that. Its really neat, just what I wanted to get for quite some time but couldn't find anything in the sweet spot betwen price and features. Until now, that is :-)

This means that I can click almost anything I feel like as and when I feel like :-) Cool !

This is not my room since I arrived at about 11:30 which meant the hostel office was closed and so I am sharing Ashish Jeff's room. Rooms are decidedly worse compared to IIMK, though, on first impressions, the net speed is much faster. Whether this is because of very few users as of now or better infrastructure needs to be ascertained.

Its 5.15 AM as I write this and I think I should turn in now. Good night.

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