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Sleepless in Bangalore

Life can get unbelievably boring during summers if you are a teetotaller vegetarian non smoker like me. God, its so NOT FAIR, why do I have ALL the vices in me ???

So it was with lots of time at hand and absolutely nothing to do to spend it, that I decided to delve into the shared folders of the junta here at IIMB and see if I could find some movies. And I hit the pot of gold (thanks Tarun, Ashish & Ravi) almost immediately.

Saw three movies today -

Serendipity : "A beautiful accident" of a movie. Baba, you are right about this one.
Sleepless in Seattle : One of the earlier classics from the Hanks stable. Cute, cute, cute.
Gladiator : Yeah, yeah. I hadn't seen it till now. And I'm NOT IMPRESSED. Maybe, it would have looked better in a theater.

Funny, Serendipity felt like a remake of Sleepless in Seattle with the fundamental concept being the same of there being a pre-determined order of events and everything has to confirm to that cosmic rulebook.

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