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of fiscal prudence & Spice Telecom

A batchmate of mine from Eastern India has an acutely developed personal expense accounting system with inbuilt measures for fiscal prudence.

Had to incur unexpected expenditure of approx Rs. 5000 ?
Go without food for a month.

Lost Rs 2000 due to an error of judgement?
Forego all other expenses until it is made up.

Rs.25 looks like too much for two measly parathas ?
Claim that the parathas are too heavy and order just one.

Feel like a smoke ?
Look around for someone whom you know and hit him/her up for a fag. Do this everytime you feel like smoking. Good money should never be wasted on buying ciggies. And while you are at it, boast about it too !

The kind of rationale that this gentleman gives for doing what he does and the obvious glee and pride that he exhibits deeply disturbs me and just kills the celebratory mood, usually the only occassions when I encounter him.

On to the mobile decision. Finally went for the SPICE offer of a SIM for Rs. 99/- and half rates between 11 PM and 7 AM. Though the tariffs were more or less the same across all the three carriers, what clinched the deal was the full talktime offer from SPICE. For Rs. 500/- I get about Rs 450/- worth of talktime (rest goes to service tax) and validity for 60 days. I think it suits my needs admirably since 2 months is about the span I need to be in Bangalore after which I can switch back to good old BSNL :-)

Another cool feature of SPICE that I realised is that it displays the duration of any call I make and the call charges on the screen as a FLASH message immediately after the call ends. Very neat and very convenient. Seems like I made a good choice :-)

Why do you have to bombard your poor and helpless readers (like the poor, good ol' me) with a dozen posts a time and photographs that take a zillion seconds to load?


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