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of first days and arcane musings

Surabhi Prasad, in her blog wonders why we attach so much importance to the 1st's in our lives, 1st day at work, 1st Love, 1st Kiss (you get the drift I hope). And she does that on the 1st of April. All I can say is that I was beginning to like her new found style of blogging where I could finally understand what she was saying rather than just reading it and then wishing that I hadn't since confessing that I didn't understand a word of it would make me look stupid ( I have enough of that happening already) and asking her to improve would make her look stupid. But this new post, neither here or nor there, confuses me totally. What's she saying ?

But I digress. This post is supposed to be about my first day at work. We reached office at around 10 after taking a rick from IIMB and tucking in a hasty breakfast of Poori-Sagu (this is the kannada version of Puri-Sabji and I would sincerely wish all my enemies and detractors to try out this assault on the culinary senses). We were quickly ushered into a conference room where Mr Balachandran Ramaiah (Bala, for the near and dear ones) gave us a comprehensive lecture on all the do's and dont's. Both me and Ashish were assigned to separate teams and were supposed to work on live projects that the team is working on. Sounds intriguing, at best and waste of time and energy with no value add, at worst. Will know after some time, I guess.

After sitting in a corner of the work place for about 1 hour, I was taken to meet my team lead Ms. Rajeshwari (dont know her last name yet) and her cohorts Ms. Mausami Prasad, Ms. Sowmya Mallana (my mentor). I also exchanged greetings with Ms. Lalitha (last name unknown, again)

Throughout the day, I was bombarded with all kinds of stuff to read which I kept wolfing down with alacrity in the hope that it will hasten the end. Alas, I was wrong. The faster I read, the more stuff was thrown at me. And Smiling, I resumed reading until I was rescued by my knight (is there a female equivalent) in shining armor, Sowmya who gave me some work to do. It was all fine but for the fact that it meant I had to stay back till 7.15 PM on my very FIRST (Surabhi, are you listening ??? ) day in office :-(

It takes about 1 hour to reach IIMB from the office on Residency Road and I am wondering if moving out to a PG closer to the office would be a better idea. Both have their merits and demerits. The PG will be closer to office and will take care of the food issue (very critical for me ;-) while IIMB has a full time broadband net connection (even more vital that food !?!) and the IIMK junta. Lets see where I finally end up...

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