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Marketing IIMK

A new batch is about to enter the hallowed portals of heaven ..err IIMK pretty soon. It will have the unique distinction of being the first and only NINTH batch of IIMK in its illustrious history.

Now, being in Bangalore, a city with a fair chunk of the incoming batch, and an even fairer chunk of my batch present, you would have thought that it would be logical to utilise all possible avenues of information sharing and meeting of minds to help the potential candidates to clear all their doubts about IIMK.

It was with this objective in mind that a lot of people, here in Bangalore, requested access to the yahoo group for the juniors. We were denied. The rationale, coming pretty late in the day, being to avoid multiple voices on one issue. Ahem, ahem..since when did THAT become any problem ?

Things came to a head when one of my good friends shot off a mail to the batch questioning it. Before you could say 'Down with Student Council', all hell had broken loose on Squirrel (IIMK's mail system) with opinions, allegations, counter-allegations flying thick and fast.

My other good friend, Nitai, decided to pontificate on the matter, and most surprisingly came to the rather immature conclusion that it was all an attempt to... err, never mind. It was indeed unfortunate to see that he failed to percieve what seems to me to be a sincere and most heartening attempt to do something for the institute by so many people. Agreed, the malcontents will always be there. But that doesnt mean you can go ahead and paint everyone with the same brush.

Quite a few of us were somehow left out of the yahoogroup formed to ease our entry into IIMK and I, for one, can vouch for the fact that I would have really appreciated being contacted by any senior student to answer all my queries and apprehensions before I could make a decision regarding the institute to chose among the options available to me at that time.

It was heartening, though, to see such an immediate outpouring of strong sentiments which culminated in the Student Council coming with the lamest of lame excuses of not having the final list of students and then immediately following that up with an email containing a document of the profiles of the junior students. If only they would have sent it earlier, this mess could have been avoided.

And suddenly, we see a flurry of meets being organised in all corners of the country, with good ole' Ankit trying to hold one in Jalandhar too !

But it seems, IMHO ONLY and only of late, that the other Scon members have decided to lie low and let one famously brazen member stay on the front to take all decisions and the resulting flak as well. Not a very good state of affairs, I must say, and I can already hear the rumblings of dissent rising from the ranks.

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