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Day 2 and GPS

Nothing much to report for today. Went to office. Stared at people, computers, walls, cabinets, ceilings and read newspapers until 4:30 pm when I was handed some itsy-bitsy piece of work which I finished rather quickly and walked off before I could be suckered into doing something more.

Came back to IIMB after taking a detour to ITPL. I had thought it was much closer to the city than it eventually turned out to be (about 30 kms from Majestic). Its a nice place to work though. Clean roads, excellent plazas, awesome infrastructure, cool breezes and nice faces, what else does a guy need ? yeah Mobile reception is top class too and buses ply at regular intervals to all sorts of places. Must visit.

While coming back decided to do some more of a process I call mental mapping. It involves moving around the city along key roads and areas and then using this as a base for creating a map of Bangalore in the brain that I can later use for travelling anywhere in the city as long as I have a broad idea where it is located. While I am doing this travelling, using Public Transport, preferably, I try to read the names of the localities and roads I am passing through, major landmarks like the Diamond District and Leela Palace that I cross and also try to scan the bus nos plying in each region to see if one of them caters to the area I stay in e.g. Bannerghatta Road. Quite like an individual GPS, I daresay ;-)

So, to kick off mapping the eastern tip of the city I took a bus from ITPL to KR Puram (next to DoorvaniNagar on Old Madras Road) and then took another to goto Majestic. I passed NGEF Layout, Somas's home on the way to Indira Nagar.Unfortunately this bus broke down in the middle of nowhere ( I would later realise that it was right in front of Baghmane Tech Park) and then I boarded another one to reach Ulsoor from where I took yet another bus to Majestic.

From Majestic it was a simple matter of figuring out the platform from which buses 369 and 365 plied and then getting into one of these which I accomplished without any further mishap.And so it was that I reached IIMB at 10:45 pm, exhausted but content at a day's job well done and Rs. 25 (for the BMTC One-Day All-you-can-Travel Bus Pass) well utilised.

By the time I had come back, Ashish had moved out from this room into H 005, and booked this room, C 105, in my name. So its my room now. Planning on getting a local SIM card now. Roaming incoming is killing me. Currently in the deep research mode, figuring out tariff plans, special offers, catches and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership, for the jargon-ologically challenged). It will be either Hutch or Spice as of now. Lets see.

Time to crash, ciao

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