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1 Week ends... GPS in full form

Today a week has elapsed since we started our summers at IMRB. By now I now the members of my team by name and face though I havent recieved more than a First Day (Surabhi, you there? ) Hello from Ms. Rajeshwari Ragav, the team lead.

I think I am beginning to get an idea about my role in the next 7 weeks and all I can say is that the onus of taking something away from this company in terms of learning and takeaways lies solely and squarely on ourselves. Everyone else is too busy with their assigned work to even pause to think of us or our needs. The culture is of not much hand-holding or spoonfeeding. You are shown what you have to do, how to do it and then left to your own devices. Now, get it done.

Which means that you can either spend the 8 weeks doing all assigned tasks, in a rather mechanical manner, and be done with it OR you can do all the tasks but also keep asking relevant questions to understand what is it that makes the whole thing work. I have decided to choose the second route with a firm resolution to avoid doing any work that I have done once ;-) as much as possible since I just have 8 weeks to learn as much as I can about MR and the best way to do it is to get hands-on experience doing as many diverse things as possible and using any opportunities that arise to shoot questions at whichever poor soul happens to be available at the time.

the mapping of Bangalore is more or less complete and this has given rise to the discovery that I can get to regions like Domlur, Indira Nagar, Kodihalli, Airport Road, ITPL, HAL, Koramangala etc using a much shorter route from East End.Yippeee.

Looking forward to a rather quiet and sedate weekend of mostly dozing off and meeting batchmates who will be joining us to start their summers on Monday the 11th of April.

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