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Yet another end term scam

This is getting to be a pain now. End term exams pop up at the most inappropriate moments when you simply can not take a single moment out of your busy MBA schedule to think about even writing the exams, forget studying for them.

This dangerous tendency on the part of the exams causes untold grief to all and sundry and causes a major disruption in otherwise productive schedules. I wonder if we could not get rid of them altogether with a system of peer review or, even better - I am a genious, self review to take care of the grades.

Ok, enough of dreaming, need to get back to packing all my stuff stuff, since I have to vacate this room, I'll miss G hostel, and also go home, better go now than in the stifling June heat and that too without electricity for 8 hours everyday.

End terms hain bhai, bahut kaam hai ! Bye.

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