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of Inter-Sectional co-operation and prescient logic

I woke from my usual 5 hour cat-nap at around 8:30 in the night to see a message floating on my screen, among a hundred odd others from the enlightened junta here at IIMK, stating that a Qualis will be here at 7 AM next morning to take me, and hopefully a few others as well, to Coorg, supposedly a beautiful hill station which has not been commercialised yet, due to some unfathomable reason, and hence is the ideal place to go for a quick break to recharge our cells. I am still wondering about what exactly did we do to discharge our cells but that is an entirely different issue altogether.

Now the twist in the tale comes in the form of this long standing policy of ours, Section A's benevolent junta, to encourage sporting ties with our weaker neighbours, Section B, much like the India - Bangladesh situation. In order to help them face quality opposition so that their standards are hopefully raised, we allow them to play a match or two with us every now & then. Now one such match of cricket, however hopelessly lop-sided it was bound to be, was scheduled on the morrow as well.

But brave and eager hearts that we are, we just shrugged and preponed the match a bit to 5 o clock which was a bit puzzling since no one in the history of IIMK has ever woken at 5 AM to do anything, much less play a match. I am not counting the people who do not sleep till after 5 AM.

Out of the eight people who had probably been hand picked by Nitai, I cannot explain this melange in any other way, 2.5 people were playing the match. Ravi Girdhar was the first one, the wicketkeeper of the team to boot, while Dheeraj Batra was the second, the chief peace-breaker (i repeat peace-breaker in contrast to peace - broker). The exalted 0.5 status belonged to yours truly since I had participated in the rather eventful selection trials held earlier and was later told that the team could not afford me in the final 11.

Not to be disheartened, I nevertheless decided to wake up in time for the match, which was never going to start anytime before 6 any way since we do not have facilities for day-night matches yet, sportscomm be damned, and sunlight has the habit of visiting us at a rather leisurely pace, since I was bound to be called to play about 15 minutes after the match had started since one or the other of the full integer dignitaries would suddenly find it beneath his dignity to play with Section B.

As has happened umpteen times in the past, my prescience proved spot-on and Mr. Sandeep Gopal was on my doorstep with his bike, for the skeptical junta here my room is on the ground floor and faces the valley so he CAN come to my doorstep with his contraption of a bike, asking me to hop on and do it quick since the match had already started, with an expression on his face that suggested I had committed some grave crime by not being on the ground already despite being told, in so many words, that I was not supposed to be there.

Perfect team player that I am, I was ready in 15 seconds, I didn't expect it you see ;-) When I reached the ground, the match was well and truly underway and I was heartened to see that the section B people were really making an effort to give us a semblance of a fight. This charade however could not go on for long due to lack of experience, talent, ability, guts and brains and thankfully the torture got over pretty soon.

Having fulfilled our obligations, we ek-bike-pe-teen-log-ed our way back to the hostels and started to get ready for the trip , whose raison d etre is still quite nebulous, to say the least. A quick shower and breakfast later, we were all set to go.

Detailed coverage in the next post.

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