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Home, sweet and HOT, home

It feels nice to be back in the room in which i've spent a major part of my life, errr... have I ?

Lemme see.. I stayed in this room until moving to Pune on November 26th 2002. During that span, my average time spent at home per day varied between 6 hours to 6.5 hours. If I take a summation of that over the many years I've been in Allahabad and then adjust for the NAV (since most of that 6 to 6.5 hrs was spent in sleeping and hence cant be called as productive as the remaining hours. Lets be fair, yaar.) it turns out i've spent less than 15% of my life in Allahabad in this room. I just shared this bit of wisdom with Mom and she says she thinks the 15% is a bit optimistic and 10% is more like it. Dad refuses to quote a figure, stating the time in question is statistically insignificant ! Damn, why does he have to be an engineer ?

With almost no friends left here, all are in diverse corners of the world, I am left to appreciate the impact of sunshine on -

- flowers (they wither away)

- wet clothes (they becoming crackly dry and then I have to fetch them, Ouch)

- the water in the Tank (it gets hot and then I have to take a bath with hot water when the temperature outside is a simmering 39 degrees)

- Mom's mood (She gets chuffed, and that means my constant crys for
refreshments, both liquid and solid, are mostly ignored)

- myself ( I sweat, I stink, I feel like having a bath, I do so,
ergo, I get worse)

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